Sunday, June 26, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on June 26, 2011

Anthony Mason (not Charles Osgood) introduced the stories for Sunday, June 26, 2011. The annual money issue Money Matters. The cover story was done by Rita Braver. Everybody coming up with new ideas to induce boomers. A suit called Agnes for aging baby boomers. Second story began with the talking gecko. Advertising icons. Third, Mo Rocca on sea captains. The super yacht business is underwater. [This story has been recycled.] Fourth, Bill Whittaker on Hugh Hefner. Fifth, money laundering by Bill Geist. Making creations from lint. [This story recycled.]

Headlines. Good news for residents of Minot, ND. 6 deaths in train collision in Nevada. Iowa poll led by Mitt Romney. Gary pride in Paris. Billy the Kid photo sold for 2.3 million.

Weather. Coast to coast warm to quite hot.

First story: the booming business of baby boomers. "You're getting better" by Rita Braver. They are determined to keep old age from keeping up on them. 72 million Americans age 65 by 2030. Boomers are demanding a new array of products and services.
Couglin, Director of MIT's age lab. 63 year old correspondent turned into a 75 year old via "Agnes" suit. Companies like CVS have adjusted shelves for older people. Previously: I've fallen and I can't get up. A quarter of new car buyers are 65 plus. New technology to monitor health. Thomas Reilly of Oregon State Health and Science installing monitors in 75 year old Curtis Guthrie. Sensors as an early warning system. Robot: Celia. Old people have 3.4 trillion buying power. Baby boomers leave a legacy of empowerment. Survey shows they don't believe old age begins till 72.

Prospecting with Rebecca Jarvis. Where to put your money these days? $20K of gold/15 ounces. Now $1500/ounce. A #20 gold piece. Richard Silla at NYU. roslandcapital ads featuring G. Gordon Liddy. I buy gold out of prudence. Geoffrey Nichols, advisor to Rosland Capital. Chart comparing gold vs. stocks. Silla says gold is just like other commodities.

Success stories. Serena Alschuler. Good looking eyeware. Warby Parker. Provide glasses for $95. The four founders met at the Wharton School at UPenn. GQ: netflix of eyewear. Web-based sales approach. Innovative business model. Striving to be a force for good. Warby Parker has donated 60K pairs of glasses. 64% of US population use corrective lenses.

1934 launching of the yacht Endeavor. Owners of yachts finding themselves underwater. Mo Rocca reports. Miami Yacht Show. Super yachts are over 120 feet. Helicopter landing pads. The last three years have been stormy. Bernie Madoff's yacht Bull. Repo man Bill Toney. Owner: I knew this was coming. 33 million dropped to 24.5 million. Largest yacht 557 foot Eclipse.

Laksman reports on "how much trouble" the economy is in. There is another slow down. A cyclical slowdown will last for several quarters. The global industrial sector has started to cool off. In US, Europe, Asia. Slowing to continue through the end of this year.

John Blackstone on art books. Taschen Bound to Succeed. [This story is recycled.] Cristo book. Taschen started in comic books, and discovered a market in catering to collectors. A portion of the work borders on pornography. Refers to the Simpsons. Taschen bought the Chemosphere. Believing in the future, being optimistic. Being vulnerable is being human. News clip about ebooks.

Lunchtime in China with KFC. A recycled story. America's food chains testing China's taste buds. KFC first came to China in 1987. Yum Brands has 3900 restaurants in China. Book: "KFC in China". 90% of Chinese KFC restaurants owned by Yum. In China, drink is soy bean milk. A new location in China opens every 18 hours.

Martha Teichner on ad icons. Speedy Alka Seltzer ended in 1964. FrameStore in New York. Narcotic of nostalgia. Mr. Peanut voiced by Robert Downey, Jr. Hawaiian Punch. Budweiser frogs. Mucinex. Jeff Bremser, icon museum in Kansas City, Mo. Howard Vossberg. Dominos Noid. Snap, crackle, pop makes the world go round. Leo Burnett agency in Chicago. Poppin Fresh. Charley the Tuna, Tony the Tiger. Quaker Oats Man now 134. Michelin Man 113. Mr. Peanut 95. [This story recycled.]

Russ Mitchell on business cards, a recycled story. Creative, clean, and inspring. Example of a card that costs $8 a piece. Joel Bauer, marketing expert. "Your business card is crap." Get a good card or else. You need to differentiate in a world where most people are interchangeable.

Lakshman Achuthan, managing director of the Economic Cycle Research Institute, on unemployment. Says we are having an impressive creation of jobs; we are lucky if we get a quarter of jobs back. Lose 7 jobs and get one. That's the shift that's going on in the recession

Bill Whitaker Sunday Profile on Hugh Hefner. A party animal still running wild at age 85. Refers to home as Shangri La. Trademark Playboy Club is now bouncing back after decades of decline. Playboy hit stands in 1953 with Marilyn Monroe. See Criticism: You're not celibrating women; you're degrading women. Brigette Berman: movie on Hugh Hefner.
An iconoclast who has been tearing down barriers. Playboy Mag circulation is now 1.5 million. Runaway Bride. Changing social values of our time. An amazing icon.

Getting tickets for events. A recycled story. Inside Sports and Entertainment. Richard (Richie) Ebers. Meeting Justin Bieber.

Nancy Giles on Jamaican Savings Bank in Queens; her account started in 1969. To save or not to save. Plastic cards with your name. Mentions her role in China Beach. This story is recycled. Nancy's book of proverbs. Zillionaire personal savings machine. A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore.

Bill Geist. Mona Lisa of toast. Last supper out of lint, hangs in Orlando. Ripley's Believe it or Not. 47 pieces of lint are. This story is recycled.

Laksman on fading super power. China is being impacted by our slowdown. They cannot disconnect from us. We are the primary consumer. Everybody wants to own our debt.
GDP of US of 14.6 trillion; China second.

Next week on Sunday Morning: Katy Perry.

Moment of nature by Pradaxa. Maxwell Wildlife Refuge in Kansas. Allusion to appearance of bison on US nickel.
This story is recycled.


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