Sunday, June 19, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on June 19, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for CBS Sunday Morning on Fathers Day, June 19, 2011. Fathers Day is a day when dads are supposed to take it easy. The cover story by Barry Peterson was on "men in the middle," middle-aged men. Second preview was on Tom Hanks, done by Tracy Smith. A candid convesation with Tom Hanks. Third, was Rita Braver on Dick van Dyke, a recycled story. Fourth, hair today gone tomorrow on coloring hair. Mo Rocca noted, once upon a time, white hair was a sign of wisdom. Away with the gray. Anthony Mason on guitars.

Headlines: White House will not confirm or deny peace talks with the Taliban. Syrian guv launches crackdown along Turkish border. Five hour computer outage at United Airlines. Gifferts in Tucson. Bill Plante talks about Obama golf game of June 18. Taft in 1909 was a golfer. Mention of US Open. Stanley Cup in Boston. Clarence Clemons died in Florida.

Weather in east, 70s. Rain in a lot of places.

Men in the middle are men in a rut. The story begins with a Corvette. Buyers are gettig a fantasy. Elliott Jacques coined the term mid life crisis. Mention of MIDUS. Anthony Weiner mentioned. 7 year itch to Moonstruck. Only 10-12% of men have a midlife crisis. Midlife should be associated with competence and confidence. Genegenics is mentioned. Use of testosterone. "Low T". Sales of testosterone were 1.3 billion in 2010. Dr. Thomas Perls at Boston University is negative on testosterone, and recommends working out on weights. Ray Romano is mentioned. Romano explored changing lives on television: "Men of a Certain Age." Second teenagerhood. Contentment, not crisis, is reality of life for many men. Margie Lachmann was interviewed at several points.

Almanac. Three Stooges. June 19, 1897, birthday of Moses Horowitz, aka Mo Howard, later to become Mo of the Three Stooges. Shemp took Curly's place in 1946. Mo Howard died in 1975. Sunday Morning covered a Stooges convention in 1991.

Anthony Mason did "First String" on a Long Island guitar workshop of John Monteleone. The story had a father's day theme, keying on on father Mario Monteleone, and his son, John. "Guitar Heroes" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Les Paul gets a mention. DeAngelico. James D'Aquisto. Paul Simon. Dire Straits. Mandola bought by Elizabeth Taylor. Guitars named for a train theme, including Blue Comet. Also, series of four: "the four Seasons."

Story on Dick van Dyke, Sunday Morning Profile. See previous post on the story presented on December 12, 2010.

Fast Draw. 60% of new masters degrees go to women. Mancession. 10.5% of men unemployed. More women than men in workplace. Of 10 occupations to dominate by 2018, 8 dominated by women. On average, men die five years earlier than women.

The hair dye story had music from "The Good, the bad, and the Ugly" in the background. Mo Rocca on "Hair Today..."
Gray hair used to be a sign of distinction. Now, more men than ever are "hitting the bottle." Coloring is often an emotional decision. Since 1999, men coloring has doubled. Crossing the thin gray line. Stay in nice zone where you feel young and vibrant. Reassuring jittery men. Bill Clinton's hair looks fantastic. Gray blending hair color. Would he live to dye another day.

Anthony Weiner story mentioned as example of tabloid headlines in New York City newspapers. Daily News and Post covering Weiner. Weiner's rise and fall. Fall on your sword, weiner. In the past: Ford to City: Drop Dead. Headless Body in Topless Bar.

Story on Tom Hanks begins with allusion to Forrest Gump. Then reference to new movie: Larry Crowne. You want to make it so everybody is loose enough to follow their instincts. Julia Roberts on authoritarian directors: I've been on those sets and it sucks. Hanks is a middle aged veteran, gets fired from his job and becomes a scooter-riding community college student. Hanks was born in 1956. His first film role: He knows you're alone. Then Bosoms Buddies. Hanks was in Happy Days. Big start: Splash. There's a humaness to Tom. Julia Roberts: I would hate to go grocery shopping with Tom; you'd never get out.
Hanks: 80% of the population are good caring people. 20% are crooks and liars. Mention of Rita Wilson. Hanks: I want my kids to laugh every day. Hanks: I don't want to dread going to work.

Pulse said 73% of respondents said it is harder to be a father now.

Opinion piece. Fathers Day times Two. Blowing kisses can help to get strangers on your side. Entropy rules: it's a fact of life that things fall.

Bill Geist on typos, a recycled story. Jeff Deck and Benjamin Herson go around correcting typos. Just ordinary guys correcting typos. The Watch Tower at the Grand Canyon. Summons to federal court. Banned from all national parks for a year. Book: The great typo hunt. Fishers of men. Lipstick Gentlemens Club.

Next week: Money matters.

Moment of nature: Pradaxa. In a Florida swamp, with male alligators bellowing.


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