Sunday, June 12, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on June 12, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Sunday Morning on June 12, 2011. The first mention was about Anthony Weiner, leading to a story about the blogosphere by Rita Braver. Publius. Second story was about the Tony Awards, with Seth Doane talking about Jim Parsons. Third up, was Jimmy Fallon interviewed by Russ Mitchell. Fourth: don't try this at home, by Bill Geist. Lighting the roller derby girls on fire. Michelle Miller on IBM. Terrarium. Camp for summer performers.

News. Pictures of Gabrielle Gifferts. Second, Anthony Weiner, discussed by Nancy Cordis. Four Congresspeople, including Nancy Pelosi, have asked Weiner to leave. Two week old wild fire apreading into New Mexico. 672 square miles. Azul Abdullah Mohammed killed. Warning about formaldehyde and styrene. Ruler on Ice won Belmont. Weather: storms across plains.

Welcome to the blogosphere. Rita Braver began with Anthony Weiner, discussed by Breitbart's "BigGovernment." Breitbart said he was vindicated after three days of being attacked. Now more than 50 million active blogs on the web. TheMommyBlog, HappinessIs. Real authentic communities of people talking about serious things. Mention of last year's Shirley Sherrod incident. Community will correct blogs. Business is what draws many blogs. Mention of Tony Awards (Robert Diamond blogging on awards, Broadway Pulse). You will never make money, writing a blog. Abby Larson, Style Me Pretty (wedding blog), makes lots of money. Readers would write in. Four years after starting: 700,000 readers per month. She does blog about her advertisers.
More than 1500 came to conference in Manhattan. The Skool of Life. Barrier to entry is low but most drop off after 90 days. JustJered, Lacoste (Jered Eng). JustLacoste. JustJered has 14 million viewers per month.

Almanac. June 12, 1883. C.B. Stillwell's patent on a paper bag with a flat bottom. Labelled SOS, self opening sack. Seinfeld's sack lunch episode. Now, the plastic bag: paper or plastic. The brown paper bag isn't going anywhere soon.

Next, the terrarium story was recycled from a previous episode of CBS Sunday Morning on January 16, 2011. Tovah Martin: nature in miniature. Be a landscape designer. Book: "The New Terrarium." Styer's Gardens in Pennsylvania. [refer to IPBiz post on January 16, 2011}

Next, piece on Jim Parsons of "The Big Bang Theory." Parsons is also on Broadway. "The Normal Heart" about the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. Parsons plays Tommy Boatright. There have been five Tony nominations. It's an absolute addition right now; I'm swimming in it. He is 38 years old. He grew up in Houston; first play The Elephant's Child as a koola bird in elementary school. He earned a theater degree. Quiznos commercial. Mentioned "not a talent, but a willingness." Something interesting to say. Role of Sheldon. Great gusts of geekspeak. How do you memorize Sheldon's lines? It's like memorizing the symbols on the periodic table. Has won Golden Globe and an Emmy for portraying Sheldon.

SundayPassage. The death of a dog named Trouble a Maltese once owned by Leona Helmsley. In 2007, Helmsley left Trouble a trust fund with $12 million, but a judge reduced this to $2 million. Trouble died at age 12.

A piece by Mo Rocca on summer camp for aspiring actors was recycled. Stagedoor Manor in the Catskills. Lots of fans of Barbra Streisand. Theater Geek. 280 campers aged 10 to 18. They do 13 shows in the summer. Beannie Feldstein. In the 1970's fewer than 12 such camps; by 2010, more than 800 such camps. John Criar went through Stagedoor. Jonathan Gomulka cast in "once on this island."

Next, a selectric typewriter. Michelle Miller talks about IBM, and the IBM logo, known the world over. IBM will turn 100 on Thursday. Alphabetic tabulator. Time clocks, food processor, and Hollerith card processor. In 1935, IBM invented a machine to do "social security." Thomas Watson, Sr. created a culture at IBM. IBM's name was adopted in 1924. IBM go-getters. The original think pad was a paper pad. Watson was the Bill Gates of his era. Hollerith machines were used by Nazis to track Jews. In the 1950's Sr. handed over reins to Jr. Stopped R&D on every other product to work on computers. System 360. A story in 1993 on losses by IBM. IBM laid off tens of thousands of workers. Bernie Myerson: vice-president of innovation at IBM. A basic piece of science from the 1980s. An unending optimism about science and technology.

Next, Jimmy Fallon, Sunday Morning Profile by Russ Mitchell. Jimmy Fallon is having way too much fun. Playing Password with Betty White. I want you to go to bed with a smile on your face. There was a joke on Anthony Weiner. Fallon grew up in upstate New York. As a kid, was obsessed with Saturday Night Live. Richard Pryor and Steve Martin. Comedy club, Bananas. Loren doesn't laugh. Joined SNL at age 23. FeverPitch. While bowling with Russ Mitchell, with Mitchell getting s strike: "I'm going to tell Osgood about this." Fallon invites a tour group into his show to road test his jokes. Query about serious dramatic role. Conversation with Russ Mitchell continues LIVE at 12noon on June 12, 2011.

Opinion. Brithday tribute to George H.W. Bush, who turns 87. In January, re-united players in Gulf War. A Newsweek article: a wimp he wasn't, retracting earlier story fighting the wimp factor. A truer view comes to light. Bush lambasted for lack of domestic vision. Now, revalue the quiet diplomacy of Bush. A kinder, gentler nation. Now, a kinder, gentler verdict on Bush.

Bill Geist about Saturday night in Omaha, another recycled story. American DareDevil by Doctor Danger. Spanky Spangler. Daredevil stunts. People like crunch. Gene Sullivan of Jump for Jesus Ministry. Are you ready to blow something up, Omaha?
This not pro wrestling folks; this is real. Mr. Dizzy dragging burning hay. Spanky's signature stunt: the car drop from as high as 190 feet. An American daredevil: a sign of freedom. [Note: this was the third recycled story on June 12, 2011.]

Moment of nature sponsord by Pradaxa. Rocky Mountain National Park. Marmot shown, then ground squirrel. Waterfall.


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