Friday, June 17, 2011


The first claim states:

A computer-implemented method, comprising: receiving from a first mobile device a first request to participate in social networking; within a time window of receiving the first request, receiving from a second mobile device a second request to participate in the social networking; determining that the second mobile device is located within a social networking distance of the first mobile device; determining a match score between the first mobile device and the second mobile device based on automatically created usage data of the first mobile device and the second mobile device; and sending a notification to at least one of the first mobile device and the second mobile device, the notification indicating that a social networking opportunity exists within the social networking distance.

There is a related PCT: PCT/US10/58944 filed on 12-03-2010 which is Published claims the benefit of 12/638,908.

From technolog:

So exactly how would Apple's matchmaking app work? Based on what we're able to gather from the patent application, it would use your current location as well as your public data — which could include downloaded songs, shared photos, places traveled, or more — to pair you up with seemingly compatible nearby individuals. The process sounds like it would be opt-in — meaning that you would specifically allow the app to share and seek out information — and strictly policed by Apple.

Now of course this is all speculation and it may be a long time before we ever discover if we're hitting the nail on the head — if we ever discover it. After all, Apple is prone to filing a lot of patent applications to simply protect ideas — many of which never turn into actual products.


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