Sunday, June 12, 2011

"60 Minutes" on June 12, 2011

Apart from two recycled stories, "60 Minutes" has been pushing the "story" behind the making of the "King's Speech," also a recycled story, this from February 20, 2011. See Colin Firth and "The King's Speech". The June 12 King's Speech story did have an add-on, acknowledging the Awards given.

The first story on J. Craig Venter, Designing Life, was first broadcast on November 21, 2010. There was mention of Synthetic Genomics and Nobel Laureate Hamilton Smith. His synthetic life took 15 years and $40 million. It's alive and self-replicating. Clean sources of energy were mentioned. DNA is the software of life. Bioengineered fuel. Venter mentioned next year's flu vaccine. The deal with ExxonMobil was mentioned, with a picture of plastic bags. Amyris and LS9 were mentioned. There was a quote that his enemies say his approach is commercially impractical. Venter said he was a horrible student and almost flunked out of high school. In 1965, Venter was drafted and served in a field hospital in DaNang. He worked his way into the NIH. Venter said we had a real problem with the way science is funded in this country. Of the gov on sequencing, Venter said the way it was being done didn't make any sense. Solara Genomics was the private company. A critic: the height of hubris. Venter: We are working with algae cells that won't live outside the laboratory. Venter: We are a society that is 100% dependent on science.

The June 12 episode of 60 Minutes ended with Scott Pelley, and then an ad for Scott Pelley on the CBS Nightly News, followed by about 5 more minutes of commercials. No Andy Rooney. [There was no substantive material from 7:51 to 8:00pm]


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