Tuesday, May 31, 2011

US 7,935,528: Liver stem cell

First claim:

A primary liver stem cell, wherein said stem cell (a) is obtained from normal liver tissue, (b) is isolated from an isolated liver cell cluster comprising a hepatocyte and said stem cell, wherein said hepatocyte and said stem cell are joined by a desmosomal junction, (c) expresses OV6, and (d) does not express OC2, wherein said stem cell comprises a DNA encoding a heterologous protein.

Meanwhile, at the Apple ranch, US 7,954,110 , with first claim:

A method for providing an application programming interface in an object-oriented programming platform, the method comprising: registering a first object comprising at least one property with a second object to observe one or more properties associated with said second object, said second object having a set of methods associated therewith, wherein the set of methods comprises routines used by the second object to do at least one of access data or perform an action, wherein a value of the at least one property of the first object is tied to a value of the one or more properties associated with the second object; replacing a first implementation of a method in the set of methods associated with said second object with a second implementation of the method that automatically sends a notification to said first object; and storing said first and second object into a database, each object of said first and second objects forming the basis for a record in the database, and each record containing fields which respectively identify the pointers and the methods with which the record is associated.

and US 7,954,065 [ Two-dimensional timeline display of media items ]

A computer-implemented method comprising: receiving, in a digital media system, a media item for display in a plurality of thumbnails that collectively represent the media item, wherein the media item includes a plurality of frames, and wherein each thumbnail represents a portion of the plurality of frames of the media item, each portion including at least two frames; displaying, within a media pane that is displayed within a user interface in the digital media system, an initial one or more thumbnails of the plurality of thumbnails in a first row extending across the media pane in such that a first thumbnail of the initial one or more thumbnails is displayed substantially adjacent to a left vertical edge of the media pane and subsequent thumbnails of the initial one or more thumbnails are displayed substantially adjacent to one another to the right of the first thumbnail in the first row; determining that a last thumbnail of the initial one or more thumbnails is displayed substantially adjacent to a second vertical edge of the media pane, and in response to the determining, displaying a next thumbnail that follows the last thumbnail in a second row vertically displaced from the first row, wherein a position on a thumbnail corresponds to a frame included in a portion of the plurality of frames that the thumbnail represents; detecting that a position indicator is placed at a position on a first thumbnail of the plurality of thumbnails; and displaying, within the first thumbnail, the frame of the media item to which the position of the position indicator on the first thumbnail corresponds, in response to the detecting.


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