Monday, May 23, 2011

Universities related to Intellectual Ventures [IV]

As noted by the American Lawyer, Intellectual Ventures was compelled to disclose investors in the context of the Xilinx litigation:

IV was compelled to file the list of investors under court rules requiring disclosure of interested parties in the litigation. The company's lawyers pushed to make the disclosures under seal, arguing in an April motion that the list "contains highly confidential business information" and that IV and its funds are "contractually obligated to maintain the confidentially of their investors."

Early on in the list were the University of Texas, Stanford, and Brown. One also had Cornell, Grinnell College, Northwestern, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Southern California (USC), and the University of Minnesota. There was an entry for Dore Capital and affiliate of Vanderbilt University.

Edward Jung, a founder of IV, is on the list. Nancy B. Peretsman is on the list.

**UPDATE. see IAM post titled Digging deeper into that list of IV investors ... including the text: there has been a longstanding rumour that IV’s licences are true-up licences and that some of their licensees don’t “true up”

**Are the universities merely investors, or licensees worried about possible patent infringement suits?


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