Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Does plagiarism constitute betrayal of public trust?

In an initial Congress committee vote, the Phillippines said "yes."


House justice committee chairman Niel Tupas Jr. said he expects a spirited debate on the issue after the panel voted 11-10-1 that the impeachment complaint against del Castilo was "sufficient in form."

There is more to come:

He said the justice committee vote on the sufficiency of substance of the impeach complaint will set a precedent, whatever the outcome. The committee will vote on the complaint's sufficiency in substance Wednesday next week.

"Under the law, it should be the person issuing the judgment that writes the decision. That's one of the points raised. Now if this is dismissed as a matter of substance, it will be precedent setting, that plagiarism is not an impeachable offense. But if it does pass the vote, that would be interesting because plagiarism is now considered a betrayal of public trust," he said.


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