Sunday, May 15, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on May 15, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories beginning with a feeling of "been there before." Do we learn from past lives? Susan Spencer to give the cover story on reincarnation, in "second time around." The 2nd story on Rob Lowe, and ghosts of the past. I make Brooke Shields look like Clint Eastwood. The 3rd story on summer preview of movies, starting with Depp/Pirates. The 4th story "Window Treatment" on classic art, done by Martha Teichner. What does an open window do to the way you see a room. Smith on Kissinger. John Blackstone on "Standing Tall."

News: Morganza Spillway being opened, by Dean Reynolds. One gate was opened on Saturday. Intentional flooding will last into June. Fighting at the Golan Heights. Huckabee will not run for Prez. Dominque Strauss-Kahn pulled off plane, arrested in New York City. Muslim cleric jailed.

Weather: Rain in the northeast.

Are we living life in a second time around, or more? More than a thousand people gathered at a New YOrk City conference center. Through hypnosis, recover lost memories. Reincarnation conventions. Dr. Brian Weiss, a Yale med school graduate, hypnotizes groups of people. When we die physically, a part of us goes on. Reincarnation has roots in India and Greece. Poll, 18% believe in recarnation. Prof. Prothero: reincarnation as a great second opportunity. On the other hand, Skeptic Magazine. But Weiss: We are spiritually beings having a human experience. Past life regression therapy. Jim Tucker of University of Virginia: mind is creating fantasy. Tucker focusses on young children. Spencer referred to UVa as a conventional place.

May 15, 1930, Ellen Church flew from Oakland to Chicago as first stewardess on an airplane on flight by Boeing, the precursor to United. Requirements: No taller than 5 foot 4 and be less than 25 years old. Catch Me if You Can. Flight attendants of today.

Martha Teichner on window treatments. Met. Museum of Art exhibition on "Rooms with a View." Sabine Rewald is curator. Friedrich. Dresden artists who knew each other. A great stillness about them. From 1803 to 1815, 2.5 million soldiers lost their lives in the Napoleanic wars. People in the pictures were window dressing. A boring landscape, placed in a window frame, becomes evocative. Wyeth's Wind from the Sea. A window frames a question. How does it feel to be on the inside, looking out?

Toy Story - 3 was number one summer movie of 2010. Kenneth Durand of LA Times walks through movies for summer 2011. Pirates of the Caribbean, fourth movie. Transformers, third movie. Hangover, second movie. Cowboys and aliens. SuperEight. X-Men, Captain America, Green Lantern. Cars-2, Kung-Fu Panda - 2. Mr. Popper's Penguins. Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Tree of Life, with Sean Penn and Brad Pitt. Midnight in Paris, by Woody Allen. The Help. Snowflower and the Secret Fan. Submarine. The First Grader. Project Nim. Buck. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-2.

Henry Kissinger, now 87, interviewed by Harry Smith in rural Connecticut. HK mentions Kennedy and Bush-43. Invasion of Iraq: nation building part of it. Nobel Peace Prize in 1973. Those who started the war were in the peace movement. Secret bombing of Cambodia: tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands casualties. HK: bombing of C. miniscule compared to bombing now. Nixon, creative and decisive. HK on final days of Nixon administration. Lincoln Sitting Room. Why don't we pray together. Moving and appropriate moment to a profound tragedy. China contact in 1972. HK book "On China." Chinese think of themselves as having always been on top. Reclaiming their traditional position. Bin Laden matter demonstrates the persistence of the US. Every administration has to be invented. There is no cookbook.

Mo Rocca on dress rehearsal, women and clothes. A rule against sleeveless turtlenecks. Rhea Perlman, Tyne Daiy, Rose O'Donnell appear in a Broadway play on clothes. Love, Loss, and What I Wore. Written by Delia and Nora Ephron. First bra story: 28AA. Never buy a red coat: there she is in her red coat. At some level it looks like you work for an airline. Never marry a man with bad ankles. While clothes may not make the woman, they often tell her story.

Federal guv auctions property of Ted Kozinski. Diploma from Harvard. Thousands of pages on evils of technology. Ted is now 68. flickr internet site.

Rob Lowe in The Invention of Lying. Rita Braver does Sunday Profile. Life in Malibu. Now 47 years old. Age 8 in Dayton, Ohio: local production of Oliver. Chris Penn, Sean Penn, Charlie Sheen all hung out. On Charlie: his gift is his irreerance. Stories I only tell me friends. Coppola's movie "The Outsiders" in 1983, with Lowe, Swayze. St. Elmo's Fire; About Last Night. Melissa Gilbert and Demi Moore. 1988 Democratic Convention in Atlanta. It got me to re-examine my life. I wanted to get sober. 1990 appearance on SNL, with Chuch Lady. Parks and Recreation. Slow but steady guy.

Ben Stein. Truth on Arab Spring and Middle East. Arab Spring is a fraud: the leaders kicked out were pro-Western. The Muslim Brotherhood hates the US. All these movements are sympathetic to Iran. Pals in Bahrain and Yemen. Extremely bleak Mideast Winter.

College commencement season. Austin Whitney, car accident. University of California/Berkley. Exoskeleton; robotic suit. I want to see you walk. A lightweight, lowcost exoskeleton. Could stand on his birthday, last November. Goal to walk on graduation. Whitney: Find my redemption through this process.

Luca Rodatto.

Harry Smith previewed Face the Nation, America's Debt.

Next week: by Design, the annual Sunday Morning "design" issue.

Moment of nature. Sponsored by Prodaxa. Baxter State Park in northern Maine, with moose.


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