Sunday, May 01, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on May 1, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for May 1, 2011. Dean Reynolds in Tucaloosa. Katie Couric at 10 Downing Street interviewing David Cameron. Rita Braver on Actor Cary Grant. Real life father. The persona, the charm was real. Canine pursuit teams: “dogged pursuit.” Bill Geist on “the right moves” on pole dancing.

Headlines. Libya’s Khaddafi survived air strike. Son, three grandchildren killed. In south, search for victims. Death toll now at 350. Levee to be blown in Illinois town. Jean Paul II was fast-tracked to sainthood. We can do it; we are Romans. White House corresondents dinner. Donald Trump.

Weather: Sunny and warm along both coast.

Dean Reynolds talked about the tornadoes in Alabama. Injuries like those of high speed car crashes. Dr. Loring Ruh in Alabama. Reynolds: The hallmarks of humdrum lives turned on their heads.

There are 308,745,000 americans. In terms of outgoing money: $35,083 spent per household per year. $8668 for shooping; $5477 for getting around Of weather: Syracuse gets 118 inches snow per year. Yuma gets sun 90% of the time; Juneau sees sun only 30% of the time. Vermont: 29.3% eat right amount of veggies. Oklahhoma: $1587 to charity per resident per year.

The official wedding photos were released on April 30. 1900 guests in Westminster Abbey. A ride in an Aston Martin. Rachel Johnson editor of "The Lady." Queen Elizabeth spent two years on the island of Malta; Catherine will be on an island off Wales.

Phoebe Snow died at age 60. She grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey. You're a poetry man. Valerie Rose, daughter, was a medical malpractice victim. Phoebe was told not to take her daughter home. Linda Ronstadt performed with Phoebe on Saturday Night Live in 1979, and became best friends. Valerie died four years ago; she lived for 31 years. Phoebe suffered a stroke last year, from which she never fully recovered.

Reprise of animal attraction. Training session for dogs of ATF. The dogs are a locating tool. There are seven canine teams scattered across the country. Most people fear dogs more than they fear firearms. Cameras are mounted on the dog's back. The dogs are motivated by play-rewards.

Kenneth Branagh. Thor: the obvious audience for this movie is 13 year old boys. "Much ado about nothing." Emma Thompson. Wallander. "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets."

Death of inventor Hubert J. "Hub" Schlafly Jr.. First use of the teleprompter: "First Hundred Years" in 1950. Herbert Hoover used it in 1952 at the Republican convention. In 1999, Hubert won a technical Emmy.

Katie Couric on both Prince Harry and David Cameron. 10 Downing Street: 52 prime ministers since 1735. David Cameron is 44, the youngest PM in about 200 years. May 8, 1945: the German war is at an end. Then: all eyes are on Harry. the least royal royal I've ever met. He doesn't want any deference. Chelsy Davies. Captain and pilot in the British Army. Wounded British Soldiers; trip to North Pole. Diana: "good King Harry".

Cary Grant in "North by Northwest." The definition of debonair. Jennifer Grant, daughter with Dyan Cannon. Grant retired from film at age 62. Jennfier in Good Stuff: I was trained to private. Making up for his own miserable childhood in Bristol, England. Peter Bogdonavich. 1937: the Awful Truth. Only Angels Have Wings. PB: He took a little bit from every person he worked with. Notorious with Ingrid Bergman. The Philadelphia Story with Katherine Hepburn. Barbara Harris. In 1970, a lifetime achievement Oscar. He died in 1986.

President Obama and long form birth certificate. Tavis Smiley gave op-ed. Dr. Cornell West. You're entitled to your own opinions; not your own facts.

Bill Geist talked about dancing around the May Pole. Then US Pole Dancing Championship on Friday in New York City. Every woman likes to feel sexy. Miranda Savarino. Jeannine Butterfly. A pole mom. An innovator. Competition at Peter Norton: Symphonyspace. Pole cleaner. 11 pole dancers competed in the top tier. Natasha Wang: pole dance rendition of Swan Lake.

Next week: Aretha Franklin.

Moment of nature: Crandall, Texas near Dallas. Field of bluebonnets.


Phoebe Snow; born Phoebe Ann Laub

Hubert J. Schlafly | Teleprompter inventor, dies at age 91

Chris Hemsworth in Thor


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