Sunday, May 22, 2011

"60 Minutes" on May 22, 2011

Scott Pelley spoke about Tyler Hamilton on Lance Armstrong. Tyler started by saying he told his family for the first time four days before the "60 minutes" interview. In June, Tyler was served a subpoena forcing him to testify. EPO, testosterone, and a blood transfusion. Armstrong was using EPO in 1999, 2000, and 2001 to prepare for the tour. Tyler said team management encouraged the doping. The doping was directed and systematic. Cortisone was also mentioned. Tyler said Armstrong used andriol in 1999. There was mention of "white lunch bags," which might contain EPO. A doctor told Hamilton it would be a good idea to "take some therapy," meaning take EPO. I was so close to the goal. Hamilton felt if he didn't take the EPO, he wouldn't make the "A team." Andrieu talked about how "one didn't have a choice." [not to take EPO.] The hematocrit was being tested, and Tyler's was too low. Tyler reached out to Lance Armstrong, who arranged for Tyler to get some EPO. Lance helped out a friend (Tyler). Most riders had a second phone; EPO had a code name "Poe" or Edgar Allan Poe. The 60 Minutes story also talked about blood doping. Hamilton said he encountered blood doping in the year 2000. The doping was done in Valencia, Spain. 450 cc of blood was extracted, and during the tour the fresh blood was tranfused back to the rider. Tyler Hamilton got limited immunity from prosecution in return for his grand jury testimony. Pelley asked "how is it possible that he (Lance) got away with it?" Pelley noted Armstrong declined an interview. Of the investigation, the Armstrong team said the time had long passed for this investigation to be done.

An issue in the case concerns "fraud against the United States" because of promises made to the US in return for US sponsorship.
In the Tour of Switzerland in June 2001, Armstrong apparently tested positive. Hamilton talked about 50-60 people who would lose their jobs on the team. But, "people took care of it." Figured out a way to make it go away. In International Cycling Union is the authority. The initial letter described the test result as suspicious. The Swiss lab director has given a sworn statement to the FBI. The sophisticated doper can beat the test. The example of Miriam Jones was given. Armstrong donated money to the Cycling Union. There was discussion of Dr. Mikhaily Ferrari. There was a doping schedule for taking EPO.

60 Minutes compiled videoclips of Lance Armstrong. Explain to me how we've passed so many tests if we're so dirty. There was mention of Floyd Landes. Tyler Hamilton won a gold medal at the US Olympics in 2004. Tyler said he was not doping at the Olympics. Hamilton retired from cycling in 2009. Last Wednesday, Hamilton surrendered his gold medal to US anti-doping authorities.


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