Monday, April 11, 2011

Non-traditional trademarks, including color

IPelton has a post titled Examples of non-traditional trademarks: scents, textures, uniforms, and more

One of the examples is the color yellow applied to plastic baseball bats, to The Wiffle Ball, Inc .

Recall when there was a big fuss about color trademarks? Trademark Protection in Color: Do It By the Numbers!, 84 Trademark Rep. 379 (1994).

***On the general theme of premium branded products competing with generics in the days of recession (and after), see

Premium Brands and Private Label Products: The Inflation Challenge

What happens to the relative position of premium brands and private level competitors when the Great Recession gives way to a sub-par economy recovery, under unusual credit and interest rate circumstances, and low inflation suddenly gives way to inflationary pressures in commodities?


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