Sunday, April 24, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on Easter 2011, April 24

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Easter, April 24, 2011. All over the world Christians are celebrating the most joyous holiday. The cover story, Spreading the Word, is about high tech spreading the word. The second story introduced was about the American Civil War. Has it ever really ended? The third preview was on the British royal wedding. Marriage and the monarchy. Fourth, Russ Mitchell on Mavis Staples (I'll take you there). We have to take the church to them. Notre Dame. King James Bible.

Headlines. St. Peter's Square Easter Services. St. Louis tornados of Friday night, including at Lambert Field. Misurata, Libya. Call for UN intervention in Syria. Yemen. Arizona Republic says Gifferts can stand up.

Weather. Line of storms coast to coast. Last days of April will be wet ones.

The cover story of CBS Sunday Morning was about divine digital intervention, where religion is on-line and on the go. The Bible app for the iPhone. RustyBrick is for Jewish apps. One nation under God and Google. Should the Church leverage these tools. Bobby Gruenewald., the second largest independent church in America. Baptisms via Skype. John Mark Reynolds involved in Christian web conference. Unintended consequences of moving life on-line? Potential church on line. Drew Goodmanson of the Kaleo Church of San Diego.

Almanac. April 24, 1907. Anchors Aweigh was copyrighted by Wurlitzer. Fight song for Naval Academy football. 1945 movie with Sinatra and Kelly. Charles A. Zimmerman.

Longest baseball game, a recycle of a Steve Hartman story from CBS Evening News (Couric). Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The game went from 8pm till sunrise, around 4am, 32 innings, ending in a tie. It was re-started, with Pawtucket winning in the 33rd inning. A study in commitment. Stay till the job is done.

150 years later and Americans cannot agree on the real meaning of the Civil War. Martha Teichner in South Carolina. Carry on the history. Terry "Squirrel" Franks. 11 slave states seceded. Pew poll on origin of Civil War: 38% say slavery 48% say states rights. Drayton Hall. Reference to 1961 Centennial, a time period of Civil Rights revolution. April 12, 1861: Confederate troops fired on Sumter. Old Slave Mart Museum in Charleston. First Confederate Flag on display at the Confederate Museum. Lithograph of the ordinance of secession. 171 signatures. Williams Middleton. Charles Duell is a descendant of Williams. Middleton's great grandfather was in Continental Congress. Middleton Place is a national historic landmark. 2800 slaves had belonged to owners of Middleton Place. Switch to Franklin, Tenn. Robert Hicks, "The Widow of the South." 750 men and women crawl out and find 10,000 casualties. It's something to be honored and commemorated and remembered. It's how we got to here.

Sunday Journal. Story began with deaths in Libya of Hondros and Hetherington and got into discussion of rebels in Libya.

Sunday Provile on Mavis Staples, currently 71, of the Staples Singers. Roebuck Pops Staples started out in Mississippi, and moved to Chicago. Mention of Sam Cooke. Bob Dylan asked to marry Mavis Staples. "Let's do it again." Trip to Meridian, Mississippi.

The Royal Wedding set for Friday (April 29) morning. Middleton born in 1982, as was William. Charles II was called "the merry monarch." Edward VIII gave up the throne, but was a lightweight.

Prince William 6th in descent from Queen Victoria. William is 1/16 American. Contemplate George III. 1738 to 1820.

Notre Dame Cathedral. 387 stairs to top of the cathedral. Almost 850 years old. 30 to 60,000 visitors per day. August 15 celebration for Virgin Mary. The "great bell" weighs 15 tons.

Pulse. Progress in environment? A lot: 17%; some: 43%.

King James Bible. my cup runneth over; in the twinkling of an eye; wit's end; fight the good fight; powers that be; fell by the wayside; pearls before swine; there's nothing new under the sun (Eccl.)

Next week: Archibald Leach--Cary Grant.

Moment of Nature: Big Horn Recreation Center along Montana-Idaho border.

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