Friday, April 29, 2011

Biofuels exec murdered in "Blue Bloods" episode

Iowa biofuel exec "Lance Olsen" got whacked outside a trendy lower East Side restaurant ("Kississime"?) in the April 29, 2011 episode of "Blue Bloods." Commissioner Regan has to defend the safety of the $30 billion tourist industry. Regan notes that all deaths are equally unacceptable.

Lance had tipped Maya (the hostess) $200 in the restaurant, and had flashed a lot of cash. Maya became suspect number one. However, Maya (and boyfriend Brian) proved innocent, alibi'd by their drug dealer (they were doing ecstasy when the police visited). The next suspect is Pierre Dornay, a Haitian cab driver, who is ID'd by a bodega owner from a sketch given by Brian and Maya. Pierre runs when the police arrive at his apartment, is apprehended, and the press are out in full force when he is brought to the precinct. Pierre, a former policmen in Haiti, was a victim of the earthquake. Pierre IDs a person wearing a hoodie over a nice pair of trousers and shiny shoes.

Meanwhile, the storyline identifies Lance as a pioneer in the development of "sustainable biofuels."

Some other lines:

A restaurant that gets $50 a plate for mac & cheese.

The real culprits are previewed. Karl Perry a friend of the family who mentions something about A fancy restaurant in a hell hole. Separately: Get my brother-in-law's body and fly back to Iowa.

There's discussion of eyewitness testimony. "What's she going to gain by lying?" A good question in this case. Re-visited phone records; lots of calls to Karl Perry. Wife was at hotel (Mandolin) with Karl Perry.

Ray Lawrence and Karl Perry were at the same restaurant one month earlier.

"I really hate when people do bad things and blame it on my city. "

"Exploring new avenues" makes unemployment sound exciting. Waterback.

Separate keyword: Lydia Gonsalves.


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