Sunday, April 10, 2011

"60 Minutes" on April 10, 2011

"The Murder of Louis Allen." The story began with a visit to Liberty, Mississippi. Cynthia Deidle of the FBI was interviewed first. A man named Moses met Louis Allen, who ran a timber shop in Liberty. On Sept. 25, 1961, Allen saw EH Hurst shoot a black man, Lee. Allen told this to Julian Bond. "Why don't you volunteer to be killed." Allen initially told a false story (to save himself from being killed) but later changed his story, to implicate Hurst. Julian Bond noted officials in Amite County were likely affiliated with the Klan. Hank Allen (son) remembers Deputy Sheriff Daniel Jones as a detractor of Louis Allen. Allen filed a complaint with the FBI. Allen was ambushed in January 1964, one night before he was planning to leave Liberty. Allen was killed with two blasts of deer shot to the head. Daniel Jones (then sheriff) investigated the murder. Robinson investigated the case in 1994. Charles Ravencraft was sergeant of arms of the Mississippli legislature. Winborne Sullivan runs the drugstore in Liberty. 60 Minutes visited Daniel Jones place, camera concealed from Jones. Jones was polite and cordial. Were you in the Klan? I'll take the Fifth on that one. [as to the murder-->] No, sir, I wasn't involved in that. Deidle was shown at a talk in Baton Rouge. Julian Bond was interviewed, saying the FBI should be doing more. The CBS story interview ended with text from Allen Bond saying that, for him, this story was not in the past.

The second story was on the Vatican library, founded over five centuries ago. There are manuscripts going back nearly 2000 years. There are 2 million printed books. The Urbino bible from 1576. There are 80,000 handwritten manuscripts. There is a huge collection of coins. A map of the world 50 years before Columbus. An account of Columbus' voyage published in 1493. Michael Collins. Library shelves end to end would stretch 31 miles. Caesae Pacinni. Leo 10th. Alexander 6th. Shristopher Tolenze, scholar. 400 pages - 400 sheep. German jousting tournament in 1481. 11th century treatise on the art of war. Henry the 8th love letters to Anne Boleyn (17 of them). Reference to ducky's. Relevant to issue of Henry's divorce? One of the moments in the 16th century that split the church. By the mid 17th century, much of world explored. 1612 drawings of sun spots by Galileo. Pope Urban the 8th. 380 years in 1992, Pope John Paul the 2nd apologized for the treatment of Galileo.
Angela Gaitan. The library's most valued documents go back to the time of St. Peter. The letters to the faithful. The Gospel of Luke. Part of the gospel of John. The oldest known copy of the Lord's Prayer. To breath the air and touch the hand of history.

The third story was on Albert Pujols. The story began with a gala on children with Downs Syndrome. Albert Pujols and his wife were there. Albert emigrated to USA at age 16. Two years later he met Deirdre, who had a daughter with Downs. 1999 major league draft: Pujole was the 402nd person selected in the 13th round. He started at Peoria. $452 every two weeks. First homer in fourth game in majors. 60 Minutes talked to Lance Berkman. Still seething about how he was snubbed in 1999 draft. Trips to "bates" in the Dominican Republic.

***As a followup on Pujols not being happy about the draft, note also text about Tom Brady's feelings about his being snubbed in the NFL draft:

In a recent film shoot for ESPN's continuing "Year of the Quarterback" series, Brady started to recall how frustrating it was to wait through that draft when he and his parents had been told that he'd probably be a second- or third-round pick. About 1:20 into the highlight of "The Brady Six", a documentary about the six quarterbacks who were chosen before Brady in that draft and what has happened to them, Brady breaks down in a way you wouldn't expect all these years (and successes) later.
Brady talked about his he went for a walk around the block of his family's home with his parents to blow off some steam as he waited … and that's about when you see that competitors of Brady's caliber have a very, very long memory.

See Tom Brady breaks down remembering his sixth-round status

And then there's the Tim Tebow commercial:

In his latest commercial for FRS, Tebow recalls some of the criticism he's received over the years, starting from his high school all the way to the NFL.

"They said I couldn't play in the league," said Tebow in the commercial.

See also Tebow on tigerdroppings


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