Monday, March 28, 2011

Wilmshurst libel matter

Science discussed the Wilmshurst libel matter:

Wilmshurst, a U.K. citizen, is one of a group of scientists and science reporters whose legal troubles have served as a rallying point for libel-reform advocates. His troubles began with a 2007 presentation he gave in the United States, during which he claimed that a heart device on which he had previously been the lead researcher was dangerous and that its manufacturer, Boston-based NMT Medical, covered up two studies that were unfavorable to the device. When a Canadian newspaper quoted him in a story, NMT issued three separate libel claims against Wilmshurst; that case is still pending.

The story also includes the text:

The original case is still pending, and Barry says that Wilmshurst has "declined to respond in detail" to "cogent evidence … that NMT did not attempt to conceal data and that Dr Wilmshurst knew this when he made his accusations."

There is a WILMSHURST, Martin, Philip; listed as an inventor on PCT/EP2010/062303 ( WO/2011/023680) with applicant CYTOS BIOTECHNOLOGY AG.


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