Friday, March 11, 2011

Wake Forest IP Symposium on 25 March 2011

With the keynote:

Bob Young, CEO & Founder of, Co-founder of Red Hat

The business press is full of dog eat dog competitive business battle stories. These make for great press and sell lots of magazines, but they are in fact the exception rather than the rule for most successful businesses. To better serve their customers, most successful businesses spend more time collaborating and cooperating with a wide range of other businesses (including competitors) than they do worrying about their competitors. From his days selling typewriters in his wife’s sewing closet to his experience building Red Hat (an S&P 500 open source technology company) and his current enterprise, Young will explain how you can better serve your customers by adopting open strategies than by attempting a proprietary strategy.

**In passing, for research

Espacenet version 5 was launched on 28 February 2011. Although it looks radically different, Espacenet v.5 delivers the same quality document search service as its predecessor. You'll see that the user interface has been completely redesigned, but this is more than just a cosmetic face-lift. We've also taken the chance to improve the lay-out, usability, ergonomics, and navigation, using contemporary design criteria, in consultation with the user community. You'll also notice the new look Espacenet logo


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