Saturday, March 05, 2011

Plagiarism and obfuscation

We've seen confusion as between plagiarism and copyright infringement, between plagiarism and trademark, but how about between plagiarism and obfuscation:

Lady Gaga confuses plagiarism and obfuscation while answering a question about Madonna's musical influence

related to the quote:

"Of course she is, and so were so many of the artists from the '90s. That era of music was the transfusion of gospel and pop, R&B and dance music. I wanted to do something that was very risky and that in a lot of ways was extremely modern but in a way puts its middle finger up at modernity and says, 'This is to empowerment.'"

Actually, when one thinks about it, there was a lot of obfuscation going on at SIU in the Glenn Poshard plagiarism matter. But obfuscation didn't work for zu Guttenberg, who resigned his post as German Defense Minister.

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