Sunday, March 13, 2011

No suspense in CSI: Miami's "Hunting Ground"

Supposedly this episode was written and directed by series star Adam Rodriguez. There was zero suspense, with the CSI team homing right in on the bad boys. Chelcie Ross ("Connie" on Mad Men) was the chief perp ("Wesley Habeck" ) and was reduced to wetting himself in the final scene on being terrorized by a harsh David Caruso. Drama in 2011?

A nasty trader was nailed by a DNA match to blood from a leech. There was a bust of a coyote, who gave up Habeck. The plot was way too simple.

Ronald Auguste (the late "Mowahd 'Moe' Dusa " of NCIS: LA) staved off death in this episode. Neil Hopkins of Trenton was in the cast, playing the stereotyped trader " Steve Raymer ". Eddie Jemison played Arnold Watkins, who admitted to trying to steal orchids from the Glades, but the CSI folks weren't interested in this crime. One dimensional characters in a linear plot.

By IP standards, no novelty and obvious. This was KSR foreseeable.


In the real world, it takes days to find a cobra [ "The Bronx Zoo's venomous cobra was found on Thursday [31 March 2011] just about 200 feet from its cage to the relief of neighbors" ]

In the world of CSI, one can find a leech with no trouble.


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