Monday, March 14, 2011

Monitoring athletic performance: recall Microsoft's 20070300174

Remember the matter of patenting sports moves? [ "They're back!": patenting sports moves ] Now, we have a patent application on measuring biometric data. Maybe someone can combine the two concepts!


A system for monitoring biometric data of an athlete participating in a sporting event comprises at least one biometric sensor carried by the athlete. The sensor senses biometric data for the athlete and delivers the data to a transmitter located on the athlete. The transmitter automatically transmits the biometric data to a wireless telephony network as the athlete participates in the sporting event. The wireless telephony network, in turn, delivers the biometric data to a processing server via the Internet. The processing server receives the biometric data and transforms the data into processed biometric data for the athlete. The processed biometric data for the sporting event is available to the athlete or other authorized individuals in real time and/or any time following the sporting event at a computer connected to the Internet.

The priority date is stated to be 2009-01-22 .

But wait! Don't forget that Microsoft has published application 20070300174 (MONITORING GROUP ACTIVITIES ) which is NOT among the cited patents.

The first claim of the Microsoft case is

An activity monitoring system that facilitates managing and optimizing user activity automatically to improve overall user productivity and efficiency comprising:a monitoring component that can monitor user activity conducted on one or more computing devices; andan activity management component which can process and evaluate user activity data to assess user performance on their respective activities and the current allocation of system and human resources.

Paragraph 62 notes: The method 800 involves continuously monitoring user activity at 810. At 820, the method can detect that a user (target user) needs assistance with his activity (target activity). Detection for assistance can be implicit or explicit. For example, various physiological sensors can detect stress or frustration (e.g., elevated blood pressure, heart rate, or respiration rate).

Microsoft "spyware" for monitoring activities?


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