Sunday, March 13, 2011

MIT Seminar remarks end PJ Crowley tenure at US State Dept

PJ Crowley said at an MIT seminar: "What is being done to Bradley Manning is ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid on the part of the department of defense."

The remarks were picked up by a BBC news correspondent Philippa Thomas. Crowley later resigned.

If you read the AP / MSNBC story, you would NOT learn that the remarks were made at MIT and that the story was first reported by a British correspondent to the BBC. From the AP story

Crowley's comments about the conditions for Pfc. Bradley Manning at a Marine Corps brig in Quantico, Virginia, reverberated quickly, from the small audience in Massachusetts where Crowley spoke to a White House news conference Friday where Obama weighed in about the 23-year-old soldier believed responsible for the largest leak of classified American documents ever.

[see Clinton spokesman resigns after WikiLeaks flap ]

Patent claim drafters will note that there is no antecedent to "the small audience" in the AP story. The text fails drafting 101.

Even in the age of the internet, different versions of the same story can arise. In earlier times, recall the account of Martin Luther King's plagiarism of his Ph.D. thesis. Covered in Europe but not in the US. The story only achieved "legs" in the US when Stanford University provided evidence of the copying from a prior Boston University thesis.

However, note the CNN coverage:

Speaking to a small group at MIT last week, Crowley was asked about allegations that Manning is being tortured and kicked up a firestorm by answering that what is being done to Manning by Defense Department officials "is ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid."
Crowley did add that "nonetheless, Bradley Manning is in the right place" because of his alleged crimes, according to a blog post by BBC reporter Philippa Thomas, who was present at Crowley's talk.

Hmm, is the reference to Thomas ONLY for the "right place" remark OR is it for both both? Ambiguous sourcing?

See The Guardian: PJ Crowley resigns over Bradley Manning remarks

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The content of the posts is still the same; the page rank is not.


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