Sunday, March 06, 2011

Mason hosts CBS Sunday Morning on February 6, 2011

Anthony Mason hosted "CBS Sunday Morning" on March 6, 2011.

There was a piece on advertising logos that related to the issue of trademarks.

Speedy of AlkaSeltzer was retired in 1964, but is now back.

Advertising Icon Musem.

Freshen up Freddy.
Dominos Noid.
Key issue: Connect an icon to a story line to a product.
Leo Bunett Agency. Poppin Fresh, Charlie, Tony the Tiger.
Michelin Man at 113, Mr. Peanunt at 95.

Business card. Russ Mitchell.
In Japan business cards are serious business.. Say your company first, then the name.Clifton Alexander. Reactive Design.
Joel Bauer.
In a world where most people are interchangeable.

Tyra Banks is a student at Harvard Business School.
Type F. tyra Banks. Owner-president-management course. 1750/day.
Laura Bell. Last Supper in lint.

Suze Orman. Next week.

Moment of nature:
Bald Eagles at Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky.


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