Monday, March 21, 2011

If you were a Spice Girl, what would you call yourself?

If you were a Spice Girl, what would you call yourself? was a question an interviewer asked of a candidate.

If you've forgotten, the nicknames/tradenames were (courtesy of wikipedia):

Victoria Beckham (née Adams) was called Posh Spice because of her more upper middle-class background, her choppy brunette bob and refined attitude, form-fitting designer outfits and her love of high-heeled footwear.

Melanie Brown was called Scary Spice because of her outrageous, "in-your-face" attitude, "loud" Leeds accent, throaty laugh, pierced tongue, manner of dress (which often consisted of leopard-print outfits), and her voluminously curly hair.

Emma Bunton was called Baby Spice because she was the youngest of the group, wore her long blonde hair in pigtails, wore babydoll dresses, had an innocent smile, and had a girly girl personality.

Melanie Chisholm was called Sporty because she usually wore a tracksuit with her hair in a ponytail and sported a tough girl attitude. She also possessed true athletic abilities, her signature being her ability to perform back handsprings.

Geri Halliwell was called Ginger Spice because of her "liveliness, zest, and flaming red hair." She often wore outrageous stage outfits, as in the iconic Union Jack dress. Geri was seen by many as de facto leader of the group thanks to her articulate conversational style and business savvy nature.

Would patent lawyers be termed "no spice"?


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