Friday, March 04, 2011

GeoTag's US 5,930,474: “Internet organizer for accessing geographically and topically based information”

In March 2011, there are stories about how Microsoft and Google are uniting to fight a common (patent) enemy, GeoTag, who is bringing infringement suits over US, 5,930,474. The first claim of US 5,930,474 (issued July 27, 1999) states:

A system which associates on-line information with geographic areas, said system comprising:

a computer network wherein a plurality of computers have access to said computer network; and

an organizer executing in said computer network, wherein said organizer is configured to receive search requests from any one of said plurality of computers, said organizer comprising:

a database of information organized into a hierarchy of geographical areas wherein entries corresponding to each one of said hierarchy of geographical areas is further organized into topics; and

a search engine in communication with said database, said search engine configured to search geographically and topically, said search engine further configured to elect one of said hierarchy of geographical areas prior to selection of a topic so as to provide a geographical search area wherein within said hierarchy of geographical areas at least one of said entries associated with a border geographical area is dynamically replicated into at least o e narrower geographical area, said search engine further configure to search said topics within said selected geographical search area.

The prosecuting law firm was Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear LLP .
The inventors are listed as: Dunworth; Peter D. (Huntington Beach, CA), Veenstra; John W. (Balboa Island, CA), Nagelkirk; Joan (Balboa Island, CA)

The first reference mentioned is an internet link:
author unknown, Yahoo! Company History,, p. 1, Dec. 1994.

[That link now takes one to]

The last reference mentioned is
Screenshot of Home page for online yellow pages located at Internet address: WWW.bigbook.COM (6 pages), Jan. 1996..
[That link now takes on to which page includes logos for Facebook and Twitter.]

See Geotag, Inc.
v. Georgio Armani S.P.A. et. al.


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