Sunday, March 27, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on March 27

Fast Draw illustrated idea that remote cameras can be used to generate revenue via fines. Google Earth used to find unapproved swimming pools and generated $70K. Traffic camera used to scan license plates to find outstanding traffic tickets.

David Edelstein reported on Elizabeth Taylor. As alive on screen as anyone before or after. The trait of "certainty." The grown-up steadiness. Father of the Bride. A Place in the Sun. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Giant. The Cleopatra "triple whammy." Reflections in a Golden Eye. "She knew what she wanted, and got it."

The National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC. Peak next Tuesday through Friday. The project took off in 1909. March 27, 1912 was the day of planting of replacement trees that "took." First festival in 1935.

The first "Arthur" was in 1981. The Sunday Morning profile was on Russell Brand, the actor in the new Arthur. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Of drugs: I've been clean for 8 years.

Pulse. Plan spring cleaning? Yes. Men 55%, Women, 70%.

Nancy Giles on freedom of speech commented on the video by a UCLA student on Asian students. Alexandra Wallace. Giles noted: UCLA.=United Caucasians Lost Among Asians.

41 years ago, Taylor and Burton sat for an interview on 60 Minutes with Charles Collingwood. Having a fight is one of the great exercises in marital togetherness. Burton: don't attack the soft spot in the underbelly. Taylor: I'm a professional Jew. Burton: Jesus Christ was unquestionably Welsh. Taylor talked about 17 year old son. Taylor and Burton were wearing onks.
69 carat Cartier diamond. Richard was nominated for his 6th Academy Award that year (Anne of a Thousand Days). Of Oscars, does the best performer win? Butterfield 8 was sympathy vote. Burton on Oscars: Part sentiment, part affection, part of the business. Richard Burton never received an Oscar.

Bob Schieffer had reported on "what we didn't know" about the Reagan assassination attempt.

CBS Sunday Morning Moment of Nature: forest in Central Oklahoma where migrating birds are headed back north.


The Reagan shooting: A closer call than we knew

"Rawhide Down: The Near Assassination of Ronald Reagan" by Del Quentin Wilber (Henry Holt)


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