Sunday, March 13, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on March 13, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for March 13, 2011. We are learning more about the human toll of events in Japan. The scale of destruction and human misery. "Disaster in Japan." The next story was on App Planet. It seems there's an app for everything in the universe. The age of the app. The next story was on Daniel Radcliffe ("Harry Potter"). The next story was on "Peak Performance" by Bill Geist on a 100 year old competition skier.

Headlines. Moe than 1800 people dead or missing in Japan. Death toll may surpass 10,000. 170,000 evacuated from area near nuclear plan. Lucy Craft in Tokyo. Second, troops in Libya moving against rebels. Third, deaths in bus crash. Fourth, Madison, Wisconsin. Fifth, lock-out in NFL.

Weather. East Coast gets to dry out after rain.

The first full story presented was on events in Japan. Fukushima, Japan may experience a nuclear meltdown. A Japanese nuclear nightmare. All three of the Fukushima reactors lost their cooling ability. Edward Lyman. Tokyo Electric used nearby seawater to cool. Questions about Japan's nuclear energy program. There were 54 active nuclear reactors. 2;46 Friday afternoon was the beginning of the quakes. 240 miles to the south was Tokyo. Fifth largest quake since 1900. Epicenter near Sendai. Flames at oil refinery near Ichihara.

Almanac. March 13, 1781 and 1930. William Hershel discovered 7th planet, Uranus. In 1846, Neptune. March 13, 1930, photographs revealed 9th planet Pluto. Disney introduced cartoon dog Pluto. Element 94, plutonium. New York's Hayden Planetarium demoted Pluto. IAU in 2006 demoted Pluto to dwarf planet.

Next story, the Princess (Diana) and the photographer. "Double Exposure." Bryan Adams, rock star, Straight from the Heart. The singer is now a sought-after photographer. Lot of pictures of beer bottles on carpets. He started writing when he was about fifteen. "Cuts like a knife." Critic: the closest thing yet to generic rock-n-roll. In 1991, song for Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. (Everything I do). Photography career started with 1998 album cover, a day like today. Picture of leading ladies of Mad Men for Men's Vogue. Promotional campaigns for Calvin Klein. Dame Vivienne Westwood. Gorbachev. Queen Elizabeth II to mark 50th year on throne. shot next to Wellington boots. Had a relationship with Princess Diana. "I know where you live."
Bare Bones tours. Adams plays abut 120 gigs a year.

App-reciation. Apps was word of year in 2010. Apple reported 10 billionth app download. Talk was third most used function of phones. Alarm clock app. Dog walk app. Pet first aid. Buying coffee at Starbucks. Confession app. Google goggles tells where you are. Eric Schmidt on prediction about sales of smart phones. Being people's new computers. Android. Mattias Duarte. All the tools that let you get through the day. Swiss Army Knife. 38 billion market by 2015. Cameron Cohen wrote iSketch. Taught himself how to make app. Angry Birds, Rovio. Mikhail Head. You never know what happens in games. Anything is possible. The art of "what works." Ruppert Murdoch "The Daily." An app, sign me out. There is an app for "CBS Sunday Morning."

"What if" Jeff Greenfield hadn't published alternative history? introduced snippets from Greenfield's book on impact of Random chance. Feb. 15, 1933 arrived late, shot Cermak, not FDR. Near miss. Dec. 11, 1960, JFK. Richard Pavlik. Jackie Kennedy came to the door. seconds away from a history without JFK. What if it hadn't stopped raining in Dallas in 1963. Bubbletop would have been used. RFK. There is no Soviet domination of eastern Europe in 1976. Switch of votes in Ohio and Mississippi. The world turns on a dime.

John Blackstone on earthquakes in US. What could like ahead. Gavin Newsome, Lt Guv of CA. "Ring of Fire." Pacific Plate is shifting. 7.2 in Baja April 2010. San Andreas fault is lock and loaded. Over time, we have to have earthquakes to relieve energy. 1994 North Ridge Quake. 40 billion in economic damage; mag 6.7. Japan quake 3000 times more powerful. 1989 quake was 70 miles south of urban center. Hayward fault. You can run but you can't hide. Quake of 1906. In next 30 years, 67% chance. Early warning system. Drill: great shakeup.

Daniel Radcliffe, Sunday Profile by Katie Couric. "How to Succeed" Jay Pierpont Finch. Singing I can do, but it took about a year and a half for dance. 11 year old Radcliffe was tapped to play Harry Potter. In 2008, starred in Equus, including a nude scene. It's scary. Ben Brantley: the wizard has chosen wisely. ("I don't read the reviews." "I don't twitter or tweet. Certain people are epigrammatic.")

Financial moves, Suze Orman, Sunday Morning Commentary. Your future rest on your shoulders. Three mistakes. Thinking of going back to school? It won't solve your problems. You don't want to go further into death. Student loans not dischargeable in bankruptcy. Thinking about buying a house? You need 20% to put down and an 8 month emergency fund. Real estate prices could continue down. Thinking about retiring? Perfect retirement age is 67. If you can go to 70, better. Don't retire before your time. Suze is on

Recap. Up to 10,000 deaths in Japan. Meltdown risk. 150+ aftershocks. Bill Whittaker in Sendai. Tsunami hit 30 minutes after the quake.

Bill Geist. 70+ ski club. One skier is 100 years old. Lou Vittori. What flying schools did the Wright Brothers attend? Nastar.
Nub's Nob, Michigan. Antique Austrian Hunting Jacket. Mount Robson Park.

Next week on Sunday Morning: secrets of people who stay healthy. Chicken soup.

Moment of nature. Winter along the Grand Canyon.


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