Friday, March 25, 2011

Another episode in the make-believe world of CIRM

California's CIRM has long dwelt in a fantasy world. When Proposition 71 was presented to the voters, unrealistic promises were made [
Did campaign ads for Proposition 71 violate fair trade laws?
]. Now, to pay the CIRM chairman a salary of $400K per year, some more sleight-of-hand is planned. Californiastemcellreport notes:

Under terms approved last month by the CIRM board, the new chair could be paid as much as $400,000, which is nearly seven times the median California household income of $61,000. The Klein proposal calls for only $150,000 of the $400,000 to come from "taxpayer" funds. The remainder would come from so-called "private" funds donated to CIRM several years ago by philanthropists. In fact, those "private" funds are now "taxpayer" funds, just as any gift becomes the property of the recipient, and the cash is in state/CIRM coffers.

Klein is a lawyer, and should know about the law on gifts. [For a more interesting case on gifts see More on Phillips v. Irons
and Man Receives Oral Sex, Ordered to Pay Child Support ]

The current scheming to trick California voters as to the salary of the chairman of CIRM is just another chapter in a long history of doublespeak at CIRM. At the end of the day, it is clear CIRM did not deliver.

The journal Nature discusses California's CIRM


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