Saturday, February 19, 2011

What Charles Duell never said

One Fröhn of Hamburg kindly cited IPBiz pertaining to the Charles Duell urban legend:

«Alles, das erfunden werden kann, ist erfunden worden.»
C. H. Duell, Beauftragter des US-Patentamts, 1899

with the Hamburgian observing:

Und dummerweise had Charles H. Duell das auch nie gesagt.…-continues.html

Now, if somebody could figure out that the Rice University folks didn't invent, or discover, C60.

***On other misattributed sayings, see Never said it: 10 famously inaccurate quotes which includes Lenin's "useful idiots":

Vladimir Lenin: Useful idiots

The catchphrase may have entered the political lexicon of the Soviet Union but there's no indication that it came from Lenin. The Library of Congress itself is on record saying that there's no trace of it in any of Lenin's works.

Within the IP realm, the phrase might be applied by the leaders of IT behemoths to various intellectual property academics.

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***Of a different Hamburg:

FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said the agency plans to release "very soon" the regulations that would create a pathway for approving follow-on biologics.


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