Saturday, February 19, 2011

How will the new House members handle patent reform?

In an AP article titled Freshmen spur GOP-run House on big spending cuts, one finds the text:

They rejected an initial draft advanced by the leadership and produced by Rep. Hal Rogers, R-Ky., chairman of the Appropriations Committee, saying it did not cut deeply enough.

Not much discussed in the proposed patent reform package is the implicit linkage, in economic terms, between "first inventor to file" and "post grant review." In the game plan of patent reform, the people now running interference procedures (needed in the current "first to invent" system but not needed in first to file) would be mapped into the new system needed to run "post grant review." That is, same people doing different things, still costing money. Given that "post grant review" would be used A LOT MORE than interference proceedings, there is the possibility of a lot more people needed if this patent reform bill passes. More people mean more money.

Will the freshmen GOP House members buy into this?

The EPA did NOT fare well with the GOP House. The AP article noted:

The Environmental Protection Agency took hits from Republicans eager to defend business and industry from agency rules they say threaten job creation and the economy. The EPA's budget was slashed by almost one-third, and then its regulatory powers were handcuffed in a series of votes.


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