Monday, February 28, 2011

From Ian Chaffee of Social Radius

Ian Chaffee wrote in about the current legal fight being waged by verified and encrypted email provider RPost against the Swiss postal service.

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald stated:

US startup RPost on Wednesday [23 Feb 2011] accused Switzerland's postal service of intentionally violating patented technology for proving email messages have been delivered.

The California-based firm is asking courts in the US and Zurich to put the brakes on Swiss Post's IncaMail, which it claims "mimics" a Registered Email service it sells in those and other countries.

Swiss Post spokeswoman Nathalie Salamin confirmed that patent complaints were filed against it in California in December and in Zurich in February.

Salamin denied the "IncaMail 3.0" service violated any patents and vowed Swiss Post would defend its technology platform.


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