Sunday, February 27, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on February 27, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for CBS Sunday Morning for February 27, 2011. Tonight is Oscar night. The tear jerker is now a rarity. Mo Rocca does the cover story, with an appearance by James Caan. Second story by Rita Braver on photographer Herb Ritts. Third story on Vidal Sassoon ("Shear Genius"). Fourth story by Bill Geist on the Razzies. Hollywood location scouts, John LeCarre.

Headlines started with Libya, rebels setting up new government, UN Security council sanctions. Rebel government setting up in Benghazi. One third of Libyans live in Tripoli, the capital and Khadaffi's stronghold. Second story on the death of two people in Oman. Yemen. Third story: demonstrations about collective bargaining by guv workers. fourth story: Dave Duerson. fifth: Discovery. Sixth: snow in southern California.

Weather: early storms in northeast.

The first piece was "Sob Story." Demi Moore appeared first in a clip from Ghost. "Sleepless in Seattle" appeared, with the producer Linda. Women are treated as a niche audience. 52% of movie tickets go to women. Now, Hollywood is making movies for young men. Many of the movies are based on comic books. The foreign market is the biggest part of the business. Pixar made Up and Toy Story 3. James Caan was interviewed, about 1971's Brian's Song. The first bromance. Then, Terms of Endearment.

Almanac. Feb. 27, 1932, the date of birth of Elizabeth Taylor. National Velvet at the age of 12. 1961: Butterfield 8. Then, Cleopatra. Virginia Woolf. I do not attack the soft spot in the underbelly. Awarded Kennedy Center Honor in 2002.

Herb Ritts died 9 years ago at age 50, but his work is getting a close-up. A new kind of glamour photography. Photo of Richard Gere in 1978 at a gas station. Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere met at a Ritts party. Naked Twister. Madonna Cherish video. "In the Closet" for Michael Jackson. k.d. lang and Ritts on Vanity Fair cover in 1993. Masai warriors. Ben Affleck for Vanity Fair.

David Edelstein described the Golden Globes as bad community theater. He illustrated the profusion of awards with the fictional: Pregnant Vegans Choice. Colin Firth: A lock locked in a lock. Predictions: King's Speech will win best picture. (Edelstein's personal preference: Winter's Bone] Best actor: Colin Firth. Best actress: Natalie Portman. Supporting actor: Christian Bale.

John LeCarre gives his last American interview. Stepping off the publicity treadmill. Turn ideas into pages. His wife Jane is his first sounding board. Alec Guinness as George Smiley. Richard Burton as the spy who came in from the cold. The Looking Glass War. The Russia House. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Gary Oldman). Gray army of spooks. Oh Christ I hope I'm not him. The little drummer girl. The constant gardener (Dypraxa). Our kind of traitor. The immoral corporate world. banking system: socially useless. The excesses of capitalism. I'm in the business of story telling. On the website: the doors are closed.

Product placement. Brandchannel website. Apple showed up in 10 of 33 box office hits. Product in single film. ironman 2, 64.
Prius in "the other guys". Worst product placement given to Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. 43 placements including Dunkin Donuts and Borders. Glock handguns in 22 movies. In a brandchannel poll, 87% of responders said product placements are NOT ruining films.

Real estate and movies: location, location, location. Film location scout. Rick Carr. Pearl River, NY stands in for a NJ town. Launch a charm offensive on the populace. Allusion to Inception. Freight train. Spring Street. LA's Griffith Park Observatory. LA's Union Station: Blade Runner and Catch Me if You Can. 55 Central Park West. Katz;s Deli: Where Harry Met Sally. Everyone wants to be Meg Ryan. Norton home on Staten Island: Corleone's home in Godfather. Norton house now for sale for 2.8 million. Blog: 5 Beekman Street. 9 story atrium.

Tracy Smith gives a Sunday Profile on Vidal Sassoon. Wash and Wear. The respect wasn't there. Sassooning (meant nothing).
Documentary: Vidal Sasson: the movie. And an autobiography. Started at age 14 as a shampoo boy. Sassoon believed he, not the customer, was always right. Of vision: that's the only thing I had. Mia Farrow: Rosemary's Baby. "She got me involved in middle America." Issue of imitators. "I was a terrible family man." "You have had a phenomenal adventure in life."

Opinion. Do wear a proper gown. Licensed cleavage engineer. Misuse of double sided tape is a federal crime. Names of all 117 of your lawyers.

Pulse. 74% like to watch movies at home (as distinct from a theater).

Bill Geist. John Wilson heads the Razzies. Ashton Kutcher won worst actor for Killers and Valentines Day. Worst Actress went to all 4 in Sex in the City-II. Sylvester Stallone has ten Razzies. Halle Berry attended in 2005 for Catwoman. Sandra Bulloch for All about Steve. Worst picture: The Last Airbender.

Next week on Sunday Morning: "The Money Issue"

Moment of nature. Along the beach at San Simeon.


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