Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bedbugs make CBS News on 1 Feb 2011

Harry Smith mentioned a "bedbug summit" in Washington, DC about IPM (integrated pest management). Smith said IPM could reduce bedbug infestation by 70%. [Katie was in Cairo.] Harry was referring to the 2011 National Bedbug Summit, held at Georgetown University Hotel and Conference Center

An article by LESLIE TREW MAGRAW notes:

Researchers [at Ohio State University writing in PLoSOne] compared bed bugs that were removed from an Ohio apartment in 2009 and 2010 with a colony that has existed in isolation and without exposure to pesticides for several decades and found that modern bed bugs are able to break down and excrete toxic chemicals without being harmed, something their forebears can’t do as well.

When pesticides are used to control bed bugs, a small population survives. As the remaining bugs breed, their offspring inherit the genetic resistance and, over time, an entire population can evolve to resist certain chemicals.

Separately, note US patent 7,743,552 , titled Bedbug detection, monitoring and control techniques , assigned to Dow AgroSciences.


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