Saturday, January 15, 2011

Will patent reform come up in a big way in the 112th Congress?

A post at begins:

Key Capitol Hill staffers say patent reform will come up in a big way in the 112th Congress, although what shape that reform takes remains to be seen.

Although some issues remain intractable, there is a growing consensus among lawmakers that half-baked patent reform would likely be worse than none at all, said five staffers representing top lawmakers in both the House and the Senate, speaking at an event Tuesday.

In the past, one Senate staffer had predicted patent reform in December ... 2009. Didn't happen. More recently, S.515 struggled for lack of support from key House Democrats. See
Different takes on patent reform
: Kappos and Locke could have easily predicted where Lofgren was going to go, and Kappos could have said "yes, in the absence of the other proposed reforms, please end fee diversion so the USPTO at least has enough money to examine patent applications." Holding onto S.515 when key House members are not buying in does not advance the interests of patent office customers, who are really suffering. .



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