Saturday, January 15, 2011

What happened to John Wheeler?

Chris Barrish of The News Journal has a post Delaware police mum about cause of former Pentagon official John Wheeler's death; Police silence opens door to wild speculation

Within, one has the text:

Eugene J. Maurer Jr., a prominent Wilmington defense attorney, who suspects a common criminal attacked Wheeler as he wandered the streets of Wilmington, said he's surprised by the silence from authorities.

This would not explain why Wheeler was wandering the streets of Wilmington in the first place, or why the "common criminal" stuffed the body in a trash container.

The divergence between Delaware police and the television world of CSI drama is as wide as that between television's "Miami Vice" and the real world department. Or perhaps between computers and databases available in private enterprise as compared to what examiners at the US patent office get.


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