Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The Scientist discusses the Silvia Bulfone-Paus matter. In July, 2010, around the time a formal investigation of possible science fraud began, accusatory emails distributing information about Bulfone-Paus and details about suspect papers, such as evidence of manipulated figures, were sent by one "Marco Berns" to involved personnel and the press. Similar information was then posted online to a Web site hosted in Panama and operated by a Martin Frost, possibly a pseudonym for the same person or people behind the original emails.

the martinfrost website includes

The sorry episode of the Paus/Bulfone-Paus fabrications has yet again shown that journal editors and reviewers of scientific articles were unable to spot quite blatant examples of data manipulation.

Some of the editors, such as the editor-in-chiefs of the European Molecular Biology Organization Journal (EMBO Journal in short) and the editor of the mother of scientific journals, Nature, reacted quite negatively when their inability to do so was uncovered. If this expensive system, which seems to be more concerned with hierarchy and punctuation (in that order) rather than science and truth is not up to the job then where might the solution lie?


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