Thursday, January 06, 2011

SAP does deal with Intellectual Ventures [IV]

A press release notes:

Intellectual Ventures (IV) and SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) announced 6 January 2011 they have entered into a long-term license agreement. As part of the agreement, SAP will obtain a right to access IV's patent portfolio for defensive use.

Separately, note Award set aside in SAP-Versata patent-infringement case which includes text:

A federal judge in Texas has set aside a jury’s August 2009 decision that SAP AG must pay Versata Inc. $138.6 million in a patent-infringement case.

SAP, which is based in Walldorf, Germany, and has its American headquarters in Newtown Square, Pa., said in an October 2009 filing that it shouldn’t have to pay more than $2.03 million in damages.


Blogger New said...

So much for the claims of any business entity that it is buying up patents strictly for "defensive purposes." Assuming that IV prevails in its lawsuits (as I'm assuming it will), look for more patent clearinghouses (supposedly established to "protect" their clients from the dreaded patent trolls) to start using patent litigation to assertively attempt to monetize their newly-acquired IP assets. Clever move, too, for IV to engage in *some* R&D, so that it can take advantage of judicial preference for "practicing" entities over NPEs.

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