Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Number one CBS news story on 18 Jan 2011: slip and fall cases!

The lead story on Katie Couric on 18 January 2011 was on insurance fraud costing customers $30 billion/year. 2010 may be a record year for slip and fall cases. NICB [National Insurance Crime Bureau] says there are more cases, with Florida a hot spot. In-store videos do deter some of the false claims. One case involved a slip and fall on a hot dog.

The Chinese state visit only ranked number three on featured CBS stories. Chinese furniture makers can sell for 25% less, but currency manipulation ranked only number three on the US priority list. Intellectual property theft is number one on the US list, but the US is not expected to put much pressure on China. The White House says exports to China support hundreds of thousands of jobs in the US. A video clip from Taiwan gets to the heart of the situation.

Camden, NJ's cutback on police and firemen got some exposure. Laid-off firemen were shown stuffing their gear into trashcans.
26.5 million shortfall in the Camden budget. Life's about to get more dangerous, and it already was the second most dangerous city. Tee-shirts have materialized among drug dealers in Camden with the text: 1-18-2011 It's our time.

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