Sunday, January 16, 2011

KYW interview with Ed Rendell on 16 January 2011

On the explosive interview on "60 Minutes". Will you continue to be proud of your legacy on casino gambling? [yes] Is there a downside of gambling. Yes. They were losing money anyway. 1 million PA gambled away $4 million dollars outside of PA. The upside: Seniors as to property taxes and prescription drugs. Improved lives? Yes. That downside was going to exist whether I legalized gambling or not. [clip shown of "60 Minutes" at this point]
3 hours of taping reduced to two minutes. I patiently answered the question five times. Tried to bait me. I looked off camera, at the producer. Do you regret that? Sure. I should have said: I answered the question four times. I am who I am: the good, the bad, and the ugly. We all react under stress. I have never said I'm perfect. Show me someone who doesn't lose their temper, and I'll show you someone who doesn't care.

What I fear: inhibiting effect on our Congress people. Make other people think twice. High praise for Speaker Boehner: when one of us attacked, we are all attacked.

People around the state believe Philadelphia gets all the money. Philly ranks 30 of the PA counties on a per capita basis.
If Dems controlled both houses, wouldn't have had to compromise.

Rendell says he is through with elective politics. I don't want to run for Philly mayor again. I'm not crazy enough to think about running for president. Do some tv, radio. Join a law firm, be a consultant, serve on a few boards.

Miss most: opportunity to change people's lives. Miss least: horribly partisan arena. Get one over on the other side. Will have to try to learn how to drive again. (Rendell hasn't driven in 20 years).

The entire video was stated by KYW-3 to be on the internet: click on video on demand.


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