Friday, January 07, 2011

Great AP headline: Sisters who will share kidney released from prison

Here's the AP headline about the story on the release from the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility of the Scott sisters:

Sisters who will share kidney released from prison

Also within the story was text suggesting attorney misrepresentation:

The Scott sisters' attorney and advocacy groups have long cited $11 as the amount taken in the robbery, though there's been some dispute about exactly how much was stolen. The lower amount has been used to argue that the life sentences were excessive.
However, one of the victims in the case testified that he was robbed of about $200. A 14-year-old boy involved in the crime testified that his cut was between $9 and $11. Lumumba has said the $11 amount trumpeted by advocacy groups is based on the indictment, which says they stole "in excess of $10."
Mitchell Duckworth, one of the women's victims, told The Associated Press in a phone interview Thursday that the robbery was a terrifying experience and that he was thankful to be alive. But he said he wasn't concerned the sisters were being released because he thought they had served enough prison time.
"I think it's all right as long as they've been there," Duckworth said.

key words: Jamie and Gladys Scott


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