Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The "good old days" weren't really so good?

IPBiz has to mention the end of Kodachrome processing. Kodachrome lived longer than a patent life, and probably survived because of trade secrets. It couldn't survive the disruptive technology of digital photography tho.

One commenter wrote:

I remember when I was a teenager in the 70's it was a nerdy badge of honor to use Kodachrome-25. Great film, but times change and I appreciate having pictures to review instantly, and being able to take half a dozen (or more) shots to capture the 'right' one, then deleting the rest without worrying about cost or the wasted chemicals. I don't miss having to carry several canisters of film, did I feed the film tongue properly, did I rewind the film before opening the camera, waiting a week to see the results, etc. etc. When you really think about it sometimes the "good old days" weren't really so good...


Blogger New said...

I guess now that it's lost its quixotic patent infringement suit, Kodak will be forced to join the rest of us in the 21st century.

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