Thursday, January 20, 2011

Glycol a killer in Mentalist Bloodhound episode

After bodies of two young women are found in a junkyard, the FBI sends in a profiling specialist (Dr. Montague a specialist in pattern analysis and decision science) to evaluate the possible return of a serial killer, The Caveman. In this one episode, The Mentalist mocks two other CBS shows, Criminal Minds and Numbers, with the intuitive Patrick Jane prevailing over the statistical Montague.

Patrick even uses the word "patent" in the Bloodhound episode, suggesting The Caveman did not have a patent on using a 2 by 4 to kill people.

In the end, one learns that one of the victims (Fernanda) had discovered her cousins were using glycol as a preservative for their "natural" soft drinks. Some of the drinks worked their way to a homeless shelter, with the glycol doing in one of the inhabitants. (even the homeless are going green?). Fernanda had to go. So did a woman at the homeless shelter who figured out what had happened. The two cousins were tricked into thinking that the actual serial killer (The Caveman) was after them for copying his style (a theme used with Red John, who did kill the copyists). In the world of crime, copyists seem to have something to fear from originators, who have their own ways of dealing with infringers.

Dialogue in the last few minutes is a rather direct swipe at the premise of Numbers, while the failure of Montague's theory of The Caveman spoofs Criminal Minds.

The director of the homeless shelter was portrayed as unsavory, and a local bus driver was a dope dealer. Was this filmed in Camden?

In "A Kiss Before Frying," also on Jan. 20, CSI featured Dita Von Teese as a stripper named "Dita Von Squeeze." In a previous show, as in this one, CSI used early Vegas history for a plotline. In the earlier CSI episode, one dealt with old people (black trumpet player; white widow of casino owner) whose secret was finally unveiled. In the Von Teese episode, Dita is the granddaughter of a victim [Agnes La Plouffe] of Bugsy Siegal and friends, getting revenge on the grandchildren of the evil doers. Sounds like a horror show curse theme. Yes, Dita performed her strip tease in an oversized cocktail glass.

In passing, Letterman has run jokes on Starbucks "trenta" 3 nights in a row. On Jan. 19, a trenta was placed next to an undersized Tom Cruise, and on Jan. 20, next to Kim Jong-Il. Letterman fans seem to like copying, again and again... Miss Arkansas (and dummies) made the Jan. 20 show.


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