Monday, January 31, 2011

Epstein on Obama at UChicago Law School

Thom Lambert has a post with material by Professor Richard Epstein of University of Chicago Law School on Barack Obama's time at the UofC, which comes from the WSJ by way of Reason TV:

Epstein: The difference between them [Bush and Obama], which is why Obama is the more dangerous man ultimately, is he has very little by way of a skill set to understand the complex problems he wants to address, but he has this unbounded confidence in himself.

Reason: So he’s the perfect Chicago faculty member.

Epstein: He was actually a bad Chicago faculty member in this sense: He was an adjunct, and we always hoped he’d participate in the general intellectual discourse, but he was always so busy with collateral adventures that he essentially kept to himself. The problem when you keep to yourself is you don’t get to hear strong ideas articulated by people who disagree with you. So he passed through Chicago without absorbing much of the internal culture.


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