Monday, January 10, 2011

Concerning "Is Law School a Losing Game?"

In the article Is Law School a Losing Game?, David Segal of the NYT quotes one John Thacher:

“Most of us either went to the wrong law school, which is the bottom two-thirds, or we were too old when we graduated,” he said. “I was 32 when I graduated, and at 32 you’re washed up in this field, in terms of a shot at the real deal. They perceived me as somebody they can’t indoctrinate into slave labor and work to death for seven years and then release if they don’t like you.”

The article notes a number of recent law grads going into the Army:

Today, countless J.D.’s are paying their bills with jobs that have nothing do with the law, and they are losing ground on their debt every day. Stories are legion of young lawyers enlisting in the Army or folding pants at Lululemon. Or baby-sitting, like Carly Rosenberg, of the Brooklyn Law School class of 2009.

In terms of the West Point class of 1966, a number of grads, such as the recently-deceased John Wheeler (Yale Law) and Tom Carhart (Michigan Law) , went FROM the Army into law. When LBE worked at Kenyon, there was a notable West Point graduated partner.

Segal's article does mention Dickens:

Mr. Wallerstein and his fiancée moved back East after graduation, and he landed a job at a small firm in Queens. He says he was paid $10 an hour and worked for a manager who seemed to have walked straight out of a Dickens novel. Over a firm-wide lunch, as Labor Day approached, she asked employees to thank her, one at a time, for giving them the holiday off.

“When it was my turn, I said, ‘Labor Day is about celebrating the 40-hour workweek, weekends, that sort of thing,’ ” Mr. Wallerstein recalls. “She said, ‘Well, workers have that now so you don’t need a day off to celebrate it.’ ”

Professor Geoffrey P. Miller, a graduate of Columbia law and then at University of Chicago Law, made it a point to mention Bleak House in his legal ethics course, and, not necessarily as something that was so unrealistic. Miller's mention of Bleak House was the only Dickensian reference LBE heard in three years at Chicago Law.

A Columbia Law grad was mentioned in the NYT article:

Jason Bohn is earning $33 an hour as a legal temp while strapped to more than $200,000 in loans, a sizable chunk of which he accumulated during his time at Columbia University, where he finished both a J.D. and a master’s degree.

UPDATE. Note a comment on Patently-O:

"Coming from one who has failed in his attempts to become a "lawyertard","

I don't know who told you that I made "attempts to become a lawyertard".

I took an LSAT prep class and looked into the situation. Especially the financial situation. What I found was a lot of bad news.

Oh look, more bad news.

It appears that you lawlyertards are incapable of policing yourself on even the most basic of levels. You glut up your profession with worthless hacks so that everyone is in hot competition even within your state-monopoly granted field.

Let's discuss who is a joke here.

Oh, and to be sure, I'm well aware of how many lawlyertards think my online personality is a joke, but they're lawlyertards, so what does it matter?


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