Monday, January 10, 2011

Combusting salt water with radiofrequency energy

Published US application 20090294300 (12/398646 ) is titled RF SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR PROCESSING SALT WATER and includes the following in the abstract:

Exemplary systems and methods may use RF energy to combust salt water

The inventors are John and Mary Ann Kanzius.

An IDS filed on 17 December 2010 includes various Office Actions, and responses, from other cases, including

See previous IPBiz post titled
Burning water, before Kanzius
on US 4,265,721,

See also Bob Park on WN:

Maybe I missed it, but I have seen nothing from major media sources refuting the preposterous claim that radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices is linked to human health problems. We are bathed in microwave radiation. Most of it is as natural as sunshine, but wireless communication, including cell phone radiation, is not. What do we know about the effect of this stuff on the human body, and how long ago did we know it? The starting point is 1905, sometimes called "Albert Einstein's miracle year." One of the four "miracle" papers he published that year dealt with the photoelectric effect. He treated the light striking an object as particles called quanta, having energy equal to the frequency times the Planck constant. This predicted a photoelectron threshold at the extreme blue end of the visible spectrum, below which there would be no photoemission. Almost nobody believed him, including Robert Millikan, perhaps the world's greatest experimentalist. The photoelectric effect had already been explained with Maxwells wave theory, but experimental confirmation was lacking. Einstein wasn't bothered; he had other great things to do while waiting for confirmation. Millikan did the experiment in 1917; it agreed perfectly with Einstein's theory. The 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Einstein for his theory of the photoelectric effect. Millikan won the Prize two years later. Their results show that microwaves are great for warming pizza and they don't cause cancer.

They don't burn water either.


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