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CBS Sunday Morning on January 9, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for January 9, 2011. Initial comments were about the shooting in Tuscon, followed by mention of the cover story by Tracey Smith on "Life Lessons," about bullying in schools. Second, was Rita Braver's "Hot Shot" on Renkin, who can tansform just about anybody. Third, was Javier Bardem in the film "Biutiful.' Fourth, was "Hearing Voices," on Terry Fator and Walter.

Headlines. Horror Story in Tucson has left six dead. Glock semiautomatic was purchased legally. Outlook for Giffords is optimistic. Tucson police are searching for an accomplice. Congress on your Corner. Steven Rayle gave a verbal account of the shooting. Two individuals tackled the suspect. Obama: Listening to the hopes and concerns of her neighbors. Ben Tracey gave the CBS report. Second story: health care vote postponed. Third: Bob Dole to Walter Reed Medical Center. Fourth: vote in southern Sudan about new country in oil-rich south. Fifth: New York Jets beat Colts on last second field goal, 17-16. Seahawks beat New Orleans Saints. Weather: snow in the north. only ten more weeks till spring.

The initial news report featured John Boehner speaking from Ohio. Gifferts remains hospitalized. Osgood went through the six people who died. Nancy Cordes gave background on Gifferts. Known for being high octane and high spirited, Gifferts is 40 years old. Gifferts spoke out about the crosshairs post by Palin targeting 20 Democrat Congress people. Married in 2007 to Mark Kelly, astonaut for Endeavor. Suspect went to Mountain View High. Gun for Sportmans Sporting Goods Store.

Almanac. January 9, 1776. Paine's "Common Sense" was published. an 18th century blogger. The American Crisis: these are the times that try men's souls. He later became unpopular with the US Revolutionary forces, and he moved back to England, and then to France. Paine died in 1809 at the age of 1872. His remains were interred in New Rochelle, NY but later dug up and lost.

Cover story: Life Lessons. New Jersey's antibullying law enacted in the past week. Tracey Smith reports story: Life Lessons. Middle school changes people a lot. Get meaner. Stephanie and Jacob: S. to J. "are you gay?" Hugh McDermott principal of school in Lincoln, Nebraska, where S and J attend. McDermott allowed profs from UofNebraska to visit Irving Middle School. The bully intervention program. Prof. Swearer gathers data. Is there a bully profile? No, there isn't. Bullying team: Madison and Stephanie. Feeling like you're powerful and control the group. Stephanie's mom Sue: sassy, smart-assed little girl. McDermott: mom is learning a lot of things on the way. Verbal bullying: calling others "gay."
Poll: 12% bullied a lot.

Hot Shot! Fast cars to fancy women. Imagine me naked. John Renkin Waddle known as Renkin. Shot of Mick Jagger, and Keith Richards. In 1991, started "Dazed and Confused." Initially, musicians, then models. "Me Me Me." I had to be my own biggest promoter. Put on major retrospective of his own work. Madonna, George Clooney, Queen Elizabeth on global jubilee. Acted like Austin Powers to Queen: smile. Kate Moss and Heidi Klum. I'm like a mad scientist. Why don't we try this or that. The science of photography. Oxfam. Dove soap with heavier women. I have a feeling that I will be taking photographs till the day I die.

A look at us, based on US statistical abstract. Life expectancy 77.9 years overall with 75.4 men and 80. 4 women. Eating less red meat: 108 pounds of red meat, down 5.4 poundssince 2000. 2.5 gallon red wine. Marriage rate lowest since 1970. 9 million performed karaoke in last 9 months. 31 million to a zoo. Of pets: 72.1 million dogs 81.7 million cats 11.2 million birds.

David Sedaris, writer. Squirrel seeks chipmunk. Why don't lobsters like to share? because they're shellfish. Born in upstate New York; grew up in Raleigh, NC. All we ever wanted was to make our mother laugh. Strangers with Candy, Amy Sedaris. David: Dropped out of college twice. A Christmas elf at Macy's in New York City. Crumpet the Elf. NPR's Ira Glass. Someone came along with a wand, and here's everything you ever wanted. In 2006, spoke to Princeton's graduating class.

Postcard from Tokyo. Ramen noodles: cheap and quick. Japanese adopted Ramen from China. Innovations like black soup Ramen. Ultimate people's food. 1985 movie: tampoco. Ramen theme park. Totto Ramen. Ivan Orkin. Like eating ribs. It's messy; it's gooey. You don't know where the beginning is and where the end is.

Javier Bardem. Eat, Pray, Love. Biutiful. Cold hearted killer in No Country for Old Men. You never think of getting an Oscar when you're from Spain. Biutful: hustler with a heart. Fear, responsibilities. Back alleys of Barcelona. I was scared when I read it. A life journey you have to take. The Sea Inside. Before Night Falls. Vickie Christina Barcelona. Who is the real Javier Bardem? Painting was Javier's first love. He took acting jobs to support his painting. Fan of AC/DC, learned English from their songs. Jamon/Jamon with Penelope Cruz. I have the need to express myself, but this doesn't mean there is a need to view or enjoy the performance. [something in Javier's response was blipped.]

Hearing Voices. Terry Fator, ventiloquist. $100 million deal at The Mirage. Walter T. Airdale does Garth Brooks. Maynard the Elvis impersonator. Cougar called Vickie. Windsor the impersonating turtle. Edgar Bergen. Sherri Lewis and Lamb Chop. Book by Paul Winchell. Garland Christian Academy. In 2005, 40 year old ventriloquist. "America's Got Talent" winner with Roy Orbison song.

Further notes on Tucson> 6 killed, 13 wounded. Shooter in custody of FBI, now invoking 5th amendment rights. Osgood to Schieffer. mean and hateful tone that is marking politics. Whole "Face the Nation" broadcast on Tucson incident.
Next week on Sunday Morning: JFK plus 50 and Greg Allmon.

Moment of nature: Democratic Republic of Congo with eastern lowland gorillas.

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