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CBS Sunday Morning on January 30, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for January 30, 2011. Closely following events in Egypt. Then, the cover story, on finding one's voice, reported by Mo Rocca, on the subject of stuttering. Second: "The Envelope Please" on supporting actors, featuring Geoffry Rush (by Rita Braver). Third was Pop Star, on Roy Lichtenstein. Fourth was "Many Thanks" by Steve Hartman, on writing thank you notes, a piece which had already appeared on Couric's evening news. Tracy Smith on Maddy Ross the character in True Grit. Then, reverse brain drain.

Headlines: More protests in Egypt, and roaming gangs and escaped prisoners. Al Jazeera's local bureau closed. Elbaradei was featured in the news piece. President Obama met with his national security advisors. Private jets going to Dubai. In Germany, train crash. Social Network. Zuckerberg on Saturday Night Live. Midweek storns for the northeast.

The initial story was the Sunday Journal on the Egyptian uprising. The introduction noted the role of social networking in the uprising. 2/3 of Egypt's 80 million are under 30. Kids took on the police on the first day. In 2010, 1.6 billion of US aid to Egypt. US State Dept. "tweet" on January 29. All Egypt is holding its breath. "The Facebook Revolution." Young people organize rallies. Facebook announcements, then spread via Twitter. Until Friday, Egyptians enjoyed an open internet. The dark side of internet freedoms. "The Net Delusion." The Iranian government hanged two social activists. The internet's pivotal role as an agent for change.

The cover story is a piece on stuttering introduced as "A Matter of Speech." From :

With so much interest in the movie "The King's Speech," CBS Sunday Morning is taking a look at stuttering - a condition that impacts around 3 million Americans and 65 million people worldwide - on January 30th. Our Time founder Taro Alexander and some of the Our Time kids will appear with "King's Speech" Academy Award nominees David Seidler and Geoffrey Rush.

Mo Rocca began with a clip on the "Our Time" workshop featuring various children. Five were featured. What does it feel like when your stuttering. Feels like there's no air. Locks in your throat. Word that George VI was feeble-minded. Three million Americans stutter. Involuntary disruption of rhthym of speech. Boys three times more likely than girls. Purdue University has a "stuttering project." Smith and Weber-Fox have been studying a group for five years. There is a genetic component to stuttering. Taro Alexander was 11 when he realized he was a stutterer. Developed a tool box of tricks to conceal his stuttering, including yawning, whispering. The story ended with a list of famous stutterers, including James Earl Jones, Marilyn Monroe, Carly Simon, and Havey Keitel.

Almanac. January 30, 1948, the death of Orville Wright at age 76. The Wright Brothers: Better inventors than businessmen. Patent disputes. Company sold in 1915.

Next story on "Pop Art" on Roy Lichtenstein. Piece in Life Magazine in 1964. "Ohhh alright," selling for $43 million. Mitchel, Roy's son, interviewed. Morgan Library. Hand tracing an outline of a foot: a practical kind of drawing. Why do we accept two lines as a nose. A mural at the 42nd St subway station: clean futuristic images to poke fun at the chaos below. The piece ended with a black and white setting sun.

Clip of Kim Darby in 1969 version of True Grit introduced story by Tracy Smith, which focussed on HAILEE STEINFELD .
Hailee was in 2009's quick as a fox, and in a K-Mart commercial. The piece included interviews with Kim Darby, as a redhead.

A clip of the State of the Unon introduced a piece on brain drain. The need for keeping students here is discussed by John Blackstone. There was a clip of UC/Berkeley. 690,000 foreign students came to the US to study last year. Half doctorates in math, science, and computer engineering go to foreigners. In past, 92% of Chinese, 81% of Indians stayed in US (after 5 years). But now, a reverse brain drain, with foreign students going back. China is working hard to get Chinese students to return to China. A lot of positions disappeared in the US, and opportunities are created in China and India. China will overtake the US in twenty years. Frank Bayliss of San Francisco State. Find more smart American students. Ignacio Lopez-Pena studying biophysical chemistry. Damon Robles is 33 years old, got a degree in physical chemistry. The story ended with a clip of an Air India flight in the air overlayed with audio of the need to develop domestic scientists. Separately, on why the "brain drain" story is a bit bogus:
A "Sputnik moment", again and again?

David Frye died in Las Vegas; Frye impersonated Richard Nixon. Charlie Callas died, also in Las Vegas. He was a cast of thousands, all by himself.

The next story was the "Sunday Profile," done on Geoffrey Rush. He has made a name for himself playing offbeat characters. Includes the text from "King's Speech" : "They're idiots. Knighted. Proves my point." The "King's Speech" got 12 Oscar nominations. Rush's country home outside of Melbourne. At one point: Series of frightening panic attacks. But a 1996 film "Shine" helped Rush. Did the trifecta: An Oscar, an Emmy, and a Tony. Now playing in Gogol's A Diary of a Madman. Sharpen the knife.

The Fast Draw. People believe in a lot of things. 1 in 10 believe Elvis is still alive. Belief that Vaccines cause autism, should have ended after the advocate was shown to be a fraudster. Audio link with Daniel Simons of University of Illinois. Confront misconception with facts. Facts and logic don't always apply. Shark attacks. How ideas take root in brains. Hippocampus. Then into cerebral cortex. False beliefs face new information.

Steve Hartman on "many thanks." 1950 edition of Emily Post. Byron Pitts of 60 Minutes sends out thank you notes. John Kralick, an LA attorney started writing thank you notes. Unlike the piece previously shown on Couric's evening news, this story did not end with mention of Katie not writing thank yous. Of previous piece on January 24, 2011: Handwritten thank you notes

Next week: Bill Geist and grandson George on food for the Super Bowl.

Moment of nature. Philip Island, south of Melbourne, Australia. Silver gulls who have Red beaks, with red circles around the eyes.


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