Sunday, January 23, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on January 23, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for January 23, 2011. School children studied the 3Rs. Tracey Smith : singing off. on penmanship. Second was "Jan's Story," on early onset Alzeimher's (recycled: see IP themes on "CBS Sunday Morning" on June 20, 2010). Third, was Mo Rocca on Natalie Portman, most likelly to be on Jeoprary. Martha Teichner on "one track mind." Keith Olbermann. Schools of thought.
Headlines. Gabby Gifferts in Houston. Protests in Aden, Yemen. Chinese stealth fighter from wreckage of F-117. Mass of Sargent Schriver. Apple's App Store 10 billion. Chicago v Green Bay at 3pm, Jets v Steelers at 6:30pm.
Weather. Cold. Snow and rain across middle of country.

Signing Off. Generations of Americans learned penmanship from blackboards. Christa Walthers kindgarten class in Ohio. In the world beyond school, we're losing our grip on pensmanship. Handwriting reduced to shopping lists and credit card signatures.
Book: History of Handwriting in America. In the 1700's there were were professional penman. Spencer created a book on penmanship. The invention of the typewriter changed things. A. N. Palmer: penmanship for the 20th century. Graphology, the rage in the early 1900s. Abraham Lincoln only learned cursive. Kathleen Wright on modern day writing instruction. Steve Graham, a literacy expert at Vanderbilt. Judgments about credibility of ideas based on good handwriting. Legibility peaks around 4th grade. Handwritten note by Gordon Brown: penmanship scandal. Only 18% of people call their handwriing excellent.
Margaret Shephard on calligraphy. Handwriting has a place somewhere: on a desert island or on a job application.

Almanac. John Hancock's John Hancock. January 23, 1737: date of birth. Movie 1776, with David Ford as Hancock. Later, governor of Massachusetts. Died in 1793. From 1979 to 2000, a US destroyer.

Gold Standard. Simone Dinnerstein and the Goldberg Variation. Didn't get lessons until she was seven. While music can isolate, it can also inspire. Bach. Glenn Gould. Johann Goldberg. Studied at Julliard but dropped out. It's almost like a meditation. Scraped together $15K to record . David Patrick Sterne. Capitalize on buzz. Rented space at Carnegie to play the concert of her life. Another record from a live concert in Berlin.

Snow by the numbers. NYC: 36 inches of snow so far. Boston: 50 inches. Atlanta: 6 inches. Georgia went through 10 million dollars clearing snow. NYC spent 40 million. Winter does not end until March 20, two months away.

Sargent Shriver's funeral. Daughter Maria Shriver set the tone. Showing us how to show up in other people's lives. Suffered from Alzheimer's disease. Thus, the Shriver story served as a lead in for story on Jan Charlton of CNN and ABC and even on CBS Sunday Morning. Subtle changes in memory began at age 40.

Note that "Jan's Story" is a repeat from June 20, 2010.

Keith Olbermann departure. The world of cable tv news is still trying to figure out what happened. "This is the last edition of Countdown" on Friday, 21 Jan 2011. Many newsclips reproduced/recyled from CBS Nightly News on 22 Jan 11. Robert Thompson from Syracuse: brand that Olbermann represented. Comcast: no operational control of any properties. Not clear if there is a noncompete clause that would keep Olbermann from showing up elsewhere soon.

Natalie Portman. "No strings attached." Mo Rocca does the story, beginning with "Black Swan." "V for Vendetta." "Closer."
The best actress of her generation. Dad was a doctor. Discovered in a pizza parlor by an agent for Revlon. "The Professional." Used her grandmother's maiden name. "Beautiful Girls." Precocious. Harder to act as you get older. Earned a bachelors degree from Harvard. My job is to make people believe I'm someone else. {as a person] I appear to be bland. "No strings attached" opened this weekend. Of genetics: "mixing is the best." How much of your success is due to sheer focus and will?
Sunday profile.

School of thought on child rearing. Yale Law prof. Memoir about a lot of my mistakes. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Amy Chua. Asian students-->Harvard: 13%; Berkeley: 34%. "Joy Luck Club". Best way to feel better is find "the bad mother."
The "Sunday Morning" piece had a report from Beijing. Most Chinese families are allowed only one child. Just a fraction of children will obtain a spot in a top college.

A fellow outside of Philadelphia has a ticket to ride. A collecting gene. Jerry Green has been accumulating model train sets for 50 years. Sotherby's was engaged to auction the collection. 5400 square foot basement. Collection worth more than 10 million. For Jerry Green, it's been there, done that.

Ben Stein on the election of 2012. What Republicans don't have is a viable candidate for President. But how about Barack Obama? He is highly teachable.

Next week on Sunday Morning: a closer look at stuttering.

Moment of nature (sponsored by Dulcolax): mesquite country in Texas, home of white tailed deer and collared peccary.


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