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CBS Sunday Morning on January 16, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for January 16, 2011. In "Let's Begin Anew," Jeff Greenfield reviews JFK's Inaugural Address and Its Importance 50 Years Later (January 20, 1961 but for many of us, of a certain age, it seems like yesterday: "the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans.") The second story previewed was on terrariums and Paula Hayes. The third story was on Gregg Allman by Jeff Reed. Bill Geist on the "Top 100 Chinese Restaurants." Mo Rocca on New Jersey, Roy Lichtenstein, David Pogue.

News: Tucson story. AP poll: 41% opposed to healthcare law. Iraqi soldier turned on American soldiers. Turmoil in Tunisia. In Brazil, death toll more than 600. Polls closed in southern Sudan. 17 year old Miss America wants to go to law school. Falcons feathers plucked 48-21. For the Ravens, it's nevermore. Forecast: rain or snow in NW. Cold in NE; midweek storm.

CBS Sunday Morning

Of the Kennedy Inaugural Speech on January 20, 1961, for Americans of a certain age not a certain date in a history book. The video began at the gravesite in Arlington. Seven out of 10 Americans were not even born when Kennedy took the oath of office. Images in brilliant black and white. Thurston Clark: he needed to give a speech for the ages. Pictures of young students going under desks. Peggy Noonan was a ten year old girl on Long Island. Not just youth but glamour. Jacky was 31 years old. Inaugural gala hosted by Frank Sinatra. Gathering of the best and the brightest. It had snowed 8 inches before, but bright on January 20. Jacky dressed in beige, to distinguish herself from other women in furs. Ted Sorenson had one goal: address skeptics to show Kennedy was up to the task. Thurston Clark says Kennedy, not Sorenson, drafted the key lines (eg, "Ask not"). Flight down to Palm Beach; stenographic notes. People remember this as a cold war speech (bear any price). Pictures from Life and Look magazine. With John Kennedy we compartmentalize things. The sudden end of the Kennedy presidency left a sense of "what could have been." In the last 100 days: civil rights and the test ban treaty. American people hoped that Kennedy was going to solve their problems. Impose an indelible memory. "But let us begin." Ending image of story--Poll results: 79% of Americans most interested in what our country can do for them.

Almanac. Jan. 16, 1901. Frank Zamboni born in Eureka, Utah. In 1949, Zamboni perfected the Zamboni ice resurfacer.
The comic Peanuts mentioned three things in life worth watching, the third of which: a Zamboni clearing the ice. 9,000 machines have been sold world wide. Zamboni died in 1988. Inducted posthumously into hockey hall of fame.

The next segment was on terrariums. "We love nature on Sunday Morning that we leave you each week at a place of natural beauty." "Terrain at Styers" in Pennsylvania. Tovah Martin appeared. Condensation trickles down and the system is self-watering. In 1830, Nathaniel Ward: put plant in enclosed glass cage. Paula Hayes: original hand blown container for each terrarium. Hayes is high priestess of terrariums. Hayes will tend to the plants for three years. In lobby of Museum of Modern Art. Captains chair. A perfect way to begin the outside in.

The next segment related to New Jersey, a Rodney Dangerfield state. Woody Allen. NJ the toll booth state. Song: don't speak unkindly of the dead. Real housewives of NJ. Jersey Shore: Snooki and the Situation. What did NJ do to deserve this. Michael Rockland. Always fashionable to put down NJ. NJ is economic powerhouse. 2nd richest state in US. 15% of land is working farmland. NJ gets less back in federal taxes. Bright ideas: patented light bulb. Meryl Streep is a Jersey girl. NJ is a great place for the middle class. Most densely populated state. 22% of state is the pine barrens; some of purest water. Victory Park in Rumson, NJ. Horse farm. Jersey Shore of MTV in Seaside Heights. The shore is 127 miles long. Blame the Turnpike. NJ's gray side. David Chase; Sopranos. Lights and big refineries. Bruce Springsteen. Born to Run. It's about getting out. A state that's unfiltered, that doesn't care what others think. Ending image: The first baseball game was played in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Next. John Blackstone on Tucson. Paper chain of expression. Reasons to cry and reasons to cheer. Christina Green funeral held on Thursday. Flag from World Trade Center. In death, Christina was an organ donor. On Friday, Judge Rolle funeral. The Safeway supermarket re-opened on Saturday.

The next segment was on spider silk. David Pogue on "making stuff" on PBS. Begins with Navy aircraft carrier, John C. Stennis. Quest to find world's strongest material. A refrigerator magnet. Steel arresting cable. Bring landing plane to a quick stop. After every 120 landings, throws away the cable. Kevlar. Tucker Norton of DuPont. A Kevlar rope could replace. Spider web is stronger than Kevlar or steel. Nicholas Gotley: made cloth of spider silk from Madagascar. 96 strands to make one thread.
Spider silk. Randy Lewis from University of Wyoming. Spider genes spliced into goats. High tech goats. First, remove fat, then manmade spider silk. Braid strands together. Stronger than Kevlar. "Real" spider silk is 10X stronger than goat/spider silk. Text in show-- They [the spiders] own the patent.

Bill Whittaker on Haiti, one year after earthquake. Soccer match involving amputees. Team Tarantula. A year ago, the amputees were treated as outcasts. "Healing Hands for Haiti" gives prosthetic limbs. Cope with the new reality. Jason Miller.
"They are outcasts no longer."

Melissa by Gregg Allman. By now, the songs are like old friends. Allman never gets tired of singing them. Allman's invented Southern rock. They have their own museum: "the Big house," where they lived from 1970 to 1972. Then, it looked like a bunch of hippies lived there. Journey began in Nashville, TN. Father murdered by hitchhiker. Gregg as a nine year old saw a neighbor with a guitar. They played together until 1969, but Gregg was reluctant to sign on. I'm going to do it for two years, then back to med school. Gregg had gift for songwriting. Everything written but the title. Inspiration in a grocery store, where there was a toddler named Melissa. 1971: Fillmore East. One of the greatest live albums of all time. Oct. 29, 1971, Duane Allman died at age 24 in motorcycle accident in Macon, GA. Rolling Stone ranked him as the second greatest guitarist of all time. In 1975, Gregg married Cher, a marriage that lasted four years. Allman Brothers reformed in 1989. This week Gregg (age 63) is releasing his first solo album in 14 years.

Opinion. Healthcare. Virginia AG. HR 4872. Stay out of marketplace all together. District court found "Individual mandate" unconstitutional. Raise taxes and provide with health insurance. Public option. If individual mandate removed, do we get public option.

Bill Geist, on the "top 100" Chinese restaurants at Airport Hyatt in San Francisco. Martin Yan. Theresa Lin Chang. 45,000 Chinese restaurants in US. General Tso's chicken. "Best take out" Khaler Wang. Best Chinese Buffet. Lifetime Achievement. Cecillia Chang. Chop suey: spam of Chinese cuisine. No. 1 restaurant: YangMing Restaurant in Bryn Mawr , PA.

Moment of nature: Southern Georgia's Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.
Note IPBiz picture of an Okenfenokee gator from February 2007.

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Passing the Torch to a New Generation


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