Sunday, January 30, 2011

Camden to get "Eye in the Sky" , but does it really matter?

A commenter to a news post that the city of Camden, NJ is installing a camera system:

What a great waste of money. Now, just like Newark, Camden will have a video of the crimes AFTER they happen rather than having cops on the street to PREVENT them and respond to them.

Cameras are mainly reactive and only very rarely proactive. Someone has to be watching to identify an impending crime and then cops have to respond in time to thwart the crime.

Sort of like management-types who get their intellectual property news from television or the New York Times, and don't have a clue about the technical art in science or patent databases.

Of Camden, recall the IPBiz post
Glycol a killer in Mentalist Bloodhound episode
: The director of the homeless shelter was portrayed as unsavory, and a local bus driver was a dope dealer. Was this filmed in Camden?


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