Thursday, January 27, 2011

Apple's US 7,874,021, High tactility glove system

Apple's US 7,874,021 [High tactility glove system], directed to a glove system for operating an electronic device, had some prior art problems with Sorells, US 5,450,626 and Eklund. Also, the initial drawings did not show reference sign 606. There was also a problem with "the inner liner covered fingertips." A key point of patentability was that the prior art did not disclose am opening "configured to enable an inner-liner covered fingertip to protrude."

The first claim of the issued patent:

A multi-fingered glove for use with an electronic multi-touch sensitive device, comprising: an inner liner configured for individually covering a plurality of fingertips; and an outer shell including an aperture formed at each of a plurality of individual fingertip locations on the outer shell, the apertures operative to allow a plurality of inner liner-covered fingertips to protrude from the outer shell and contact and operate the multi-touch sensitive device; wherein the liner comprises at least a portion of electrically conductive material.


Blogger New said...

OK, I normally love Apple products, but this particular invention sounds pretty ridiculous. Wouldn't it seem to make more sense (and be less complicated) to invent and patent a means of improving the input mechanisms of electronic devices so that they could more readily detect pressure from glove-encased fingers?

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